Ex Iron Warrior.

Alt Mode: Salamander zoid

Bio: Once a maximal Ironhawk was captured by the predacon emperor Galrauch. Under the hands of Razah one of Galrauch's highest ranked lieutenants his beast mode was flayed constantly and tortured daily. The constant onslaught eventually ended with every organic part of Ironhawk failing but conversely raising his pain threshold beyond that of most other transformers. The Iron warriors tracked him down. When they found him he was withdrawn and the moment his cell was opened he flew into a rage. The Iron warriors that had been sent inside pulled back to the GIGAN While Ironhawk went on a rampage. When he had cuased too much damage for the ships structure to manage Razah's ship detonated. As the debris cleared all that remained was Ironhawk. Storm hawk was the one who brought Ironhawk into the GIGAN. Impossibly Ironhawk still held onto conciousness despite being heavily damaged. After the Iron warriors repaired him he stayed with them to satisfy his honor. When the Iron Warriors were then exiled from cybertron Ironhawk and Gigatrion were caught before they could reach the safety of the GIGAN. It is said by the Iron Warriors that Storm Hawk had wanted to go back and save his troops but Sentinel Magnus had talked him out of it. IronHawk was then subjected to vorns of experimental autobot lab tests during which his pain threshold rose even higher due to the pain that was cuased on him by these 'experiments'. The end result? Ironhawk feels betrayed by the Iron Warriors and is highly distrustful of all autobots. Ocassionally he gets memory flashes of what has been inflicted upon him, during this time a padded cell would be the best place for him as he will attack anything within range using all of his available weapons and hand to hand skills as he lashes out at his personal demons.

Weapons/abilities: 2 X He missiles (single use only) A standard feature of his alt mode. These weapons have a large blast radius and pack a hefty explosive payload for there size. They are unguided.

2 X dual 40mm wing mounted cannons. Carrying a large self restoring magazine these weapons fire at a rate of 30 shots per minute, each shell has an AP tip that allows it to pierce most known armour types, the shell will then fracture whilst inside a foes armour causing internal damage.

2 X belly lasers. Standard cutting lasers, short range with a high energy output.

Extremely high pain threshold. Ironhawk has probably got the highest recorded pain threshold ever recorded. He is able to maintain his function cycles long after other mechs would be in critical statsis lock. As long as he can stand he will continue to fight on.

Ironhawk is also highly skilled in the cybertronian martial art of Crystalocution.

Weaknesses: Ironhawk has no known pysical weaknesses

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