Name: Jetfire

Primary function: Seeker

Alt mode: Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird

Rotary cannon (500 rounds per clip, carries up to 5 additional clips)
Cane/walking stick

“I’m gonna show you how they brought the pain in my day!”

Revived by a curious young lass using an AllSpark fragment, and renewed by an energon infusion by Ratchet, Jetfire feels almost young again. He hasn’t a clue how he got here, though this ‘Cataclysm’ has been thrown around a lot, so it must have been that he reckons. Though appearing to bear the Decepticon mark, he switched sides centuries ago due to getting tired of their ambitions and their war in general. This time though, he’s gonna help the Autobots and see this war end once and for all.

Jetfire is equipped with the standard SR-71 sensory equipment in vehicle mode, making him excellent for reconnaissance. He can use an orbital jump to teleport himself and nearby allies, or a small group of enemies to nearly any location, up to three times an episode. Unfortunately, his guidance system is shot, and thus he has no control where the target(s) go if he’s not with them. If he is with the target(s), he has better control of where they’re going, but they shouldn’t expect a smooth landing.

He can gain a significant heat signature when he goes near his maximum speed of about Mach 3 in vehicle mode, making him a prime target for HS missiles. Also, his endurance is a bit low. He occasionally gets confused for a Decepticon, since he’s never bothered to change those symbols.

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