Jonathon Glack is a former Stark Trek simmer who served on a number of sims in the United Space Federation (USF); the USS Eclipse, USS Lothlorien, USS Columbia, and Starfleet Academy.

Character InformationEdit

Essential StatisticsEdit

  • Full name: Jonathon Michael Glack
  • Title: Doctor
  • Age: 30
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Current Position: Chief of Laboratory Medicine, Starfleet Medical, Earth

Personal StatisticsEdit

  • Height: 6 feet, 0 inches
  • Weight: 183 lbs.
  • Eye Color: N/A (See below)
  • Hair Color: Dirty Blond
  • Body Type: Lean, muscular
  • Physical Condition: Excellent
  • Mental Condition: Stable
  • Marital Status: Married to Lieutenant Commander Candace Glack


  • Father: Captain Michael Glack (Assimilated by the Borg)
  • Mother: Lieutenant Commander Dr. Lily Glack (Assimilated by the Borg)
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: Lieutenant Commander Candace Glack (Active Duty)
  • Other Relatives: Lieutenant Commander Chief Jonathon Glack, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars orbit (First cousin, on Active Duty)


Jonathon was born aboard the USS Noble, a New Orleans-class frigate, to parents Captain Michael and Lieutenant Commander Dr. Lily Glack, while the ship was in Earth orbit. Growing up, he spent a good amount of his time in Sickbay with his mother or on the Bridge with his father. Because the ship's main duties were those of a heavy escort and patrol vessel, there were few other children aboard for Jon to interact with. As such, he was forced to interact mainly with adults, though everyone aboard considered the captain's son something of a little brother and did not hesitate to let him tag along during their on- and off-duty hours.

In 2367, when Jonathon was 16, the Borg invaded Federation space. On Stardate 44001.4, the Noble was ordered to Wolf 359 to be part of the Armada. She was the tenth ship to arrive, and fought until the very end of the battle. With the ship completely disabled, Captain Glack ordered her abandoned. In the middle of his ship-wide order, a high whine (assumed by Jon to be Borg transporters) was heard through the sound system, followed by the screams of the Bridge crew, and the sound system cut out. Jonathon was being escorted to an escape pod at the time by his father's good friend, “Uncle” Matthew Endar, ship's Security Chief, when they also heard the whine of a transporter. Jonathon lost consciousness a few seconds afterwards.

From this point on, Jonathon remembers nothing. When he awoke, he was on Starbase 152 with Endar, who told him that his parents had not been recovered. Endar was ushered out, and a doctor came in. The ensuing events are classified, and may be accessed, with proper authorization, at the end of this document.

At age 18, Jonathon enrolled at Starfleet Academy Medical, an eight-year program. Wishing to enter the Fleet as soon as possible, he doubled-up on as many courses as he could, and graduated in 5 years at age 22, 7th in the class with a PhD in Human and Alien Medicine. His first assignment as an Ensign was to the USS Eclipse, under the command of Captain Eileen Shodan. Jonathon was posted to Sickbay, and distinguished himself early by aiding in the capture of The Jackal, a well-known and hunted criminal. After rising to the rank of First Lieutenant, he was made Chief Medical Officer. He remained in this position until he married First Lieutenant Candace Darign, at which time he transferred to USS Lothlorien as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. After the ship's acting CMO, Lieutenant Commander Mavelle Kivo, retired Jonathon took the position, assuming control as CMO and Division III (Medical and Science) Head.

Following about a year of service aboard the USS Lothlorien, Dr. Glack transferred back to the Eclipse to serve aboard his first posting. He served as Acting Chief Medical Officer, and later as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. After six months on board the Eclipse, Glack transferred again to the USS Columbia, under the command of Captain Daniel Mancuso. His wife soon followed. He was posted as Assistant Chief Medical Officer under Lieutenant Commander Dr. Alejandra Montoya.

After a few short months aboard the Columbia, Candace Glack accepted a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and took a posting as Acting Executive Officer of Outpost Phoenix. Jonathon remained on board, but became increasingly dissatisfied with life aboard a starship. When offered a consulting position at Starfleet Medical on Earth, he gladly accepted. He had served there for almost a year when he was approached by longtime friend Dr. Keiriana Clemens, whom he had known from his time aboard the Lothlorien. She told him that she was the Superintendent of the Academy and offered him a position as Chief of their Medical Department, which he gladly accepted. While there, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander following his actions during the Battle of Makai.

While at the Academy, Jon was offered a position at Starfleet Medical as Chief of Laboratory Medicine. After much thought, he agreed to accept the transfer, knowing that he could still teach at the Academy and leave himself open for a return or possible transfer back to field duty.

Ocular ImplantsEdit

On Stardate 0403.03, First Lieutenant Glack was commanding a small Mobile Hospital Unit (MHU) to aid with the wounded civilians being displaced by the battle for the small continent of Makai on Earth. Upon learning about the encampment, enemy forces quickly mobilized and attacked the nearly defenseless noncombatant outpost. In an effort to save the lives of his patients, cadets and officers, Dr. Glack attempted to bring down one attacker with physical force, as he had no weapon. In the ensuing fight the Makaian slashed the doctor across the face, slicing through his left eye in the process.

After being shuttled to Starfleet Medical for emergency surgery, it was decided that eye could not be saved and that an ocular implant would be fitting in its place. This left Glack with one normal eye and one implanted eye; because of the difference in signals fed to the brain by the differing eyes, he would have had to use only one at a time and wear patch over the other to prevent massive migraine headaches. This also meant that his visual acuity, specifically depth perception, would be severely degraded and he would have had to accepted removal from active field duty. He found this unacceptable.

Consulting again with his fellow physicians it was found that the remaining eye could indeed be replaced by a second ocular implant. Glack found himself with a dilemma: by implanting the other eye with the device he would be able to remain on full active duty, but would lose his ability to see as he had his entire life. After consulting his wife, Candace, he decided to indeed have the procedure done and now has two ocular implants in place of his eyes. The centers of his eyes are now an ice-blue, almost white color and are very distinctive compared to other human’s. It will take him a few years to fully adjust to the new signal input, and he still complains of mild headaches nearly every day.

With the implants, Glack is able to see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectra. He is also able to adjust his visual field, allowing him to magnify his field of vision. He is, in effect, his own pair of binoculars and/or magnifying glass.


  • Stardate 0010.20: Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (For actions above and beyond the call of duty)
  • Stardate 0310.01: Preantares Award (For his skilled “death” in an Academy simulation on Nidia Prime)
  • Stardate 0310.01: Faculty Service Medal (For being cited as “the faculty member who most exemplifies the spirit of education, interacts with cadets both as well as contributes to the educational program on a consistent level”)
  • Stardate 0404.02: Starfleet Medal of Valor (For “valorous service in Starfleet” at the Battle of Makai)
  • Stardate 0404.02: Starfleet Legion of Honor (For “devotion to Starfleet above and beyond the call of duty” at the Battle of Makai)
  • Stardate 0404.02: Award for Original Thinking (For “faculty and cadets that have maintained excellence in personal log writing”)
  • Stardate 0404.02: Academy Marathon Award (For “cadets and faculty members who have written an outstanding log series”)


The Borg Incident Note: The following information is classified.

On Stardate 44001.4, the Borg entered Federation space and engaged an armada of forty Federation starships at Wolf 359. Among them was the frigate USS Noble, commanded by Captain Michael Glack. She was attacked by the cube, and was damaged severely enough that she had to be abandoned. In that time, both Captain Glack and his wife, ship's CMO Lieutenant Commander Dr. Lily Glack, were assimilated. Their son, Jonathon, had a Borg sub-dermal transmitter implanted in his neck, which was discovered later by Dr. Meredith Brookes at Starbase 152.

Dr. Brookes found that there was no way to remove the transmitter without endangering the boy's life, and it was decided to leave the device as it was. Because Starfleet did not want one of its own acting as a homing device for the Collective, Jonathon had a signal dampener implanted in his neck to prevent the Borg from tracking him. Having no other choice, he agreed.

At age 24, Glack was serving as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Eclipse. On a mission into the Beta Quadrant, the ship was attacked by a Borg cube. The shields failed and the cube was able to beam over a boarding party. Two Borg attacked the young doctor in Sickbay, though he managed to kill them both using a phaser and the chemicals he had at hand. The cube mysteriously broke off its attack and the ship was left to affect repairs. It was later learned that Glack's dampener had failed briefly, and the Borg device had drawn the nearest cube to the location of its homing signal.

When the two drones were declared clinically dead, Jonathon noticed that they were wearing Starfleet uniforms, about nine years out of date. He decided to scan their remains so as to notify the officers' families that they had finally been found. Jonathon proceeded with a DNA analysis and, upon seeing the results, passed out. He was found a few minutes later by his ACMO, Lieutenant Lana Troi, and his fiancée, First Lieutenant Candace Darign. Glack was revived, and he revealed that the two drones that had tried to kill him were his parents, who had been assimilated at Wolf 359. Jonathon went into a state of deep depression, taking two weeks' leave. He remained mostly in his quarters, unable to cope with the situation. Finally, with help from the ship's counselor and from his future wife, Glack recovered from his mental state and was declared fit for duty. He still retains a deep fear of the Borg, however, which can be almost paralyzing and inhibit his responses.