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A photo of Joshua.

Joshua Hina
is a Star Trek and fantasy-RP simmer. He also use to run a few fantasy games that were not associated with a group. He currently is a member of Bravo Fleet. He previously served in Toronto Fleet, UDC Fleet, Siren Fleet, and Federation Sim Fleet. During the mid-2000s he launched and led the Omega Fleet Community. He also oversees the operations of the timeline followed by sims from the universe he developed with Jay Galloway, Mike Oldham and others called the TNU Project. Hina is an IRCop on the Diaspora Games IRC Network.

Positions HeldEdit

Sims HostedEdit

XO - USS Dale Earnhardt of Task Force 9 in Bravo Fleet (2001 - 2005)
CO - USS Phoenix of Toronto Fleet (2004)
CO - USS Searcher of Task Force 38 in Bravo Fleet (2005)
Lead Host - UDC Simulations/UDC Fleet (2004 - 2007)
CO - USS Okinawa - Siren Fleet (2008)
CO - USS Dragonstar - Bravo Fleet (2008)
GM 1 - Shadow Fire - A guild sim of Federation Sim Fleet (2006 - 2009)
CO - Hyperion Station - Bravo Fleet NXD (2009 - 2010)
GM - New Universes Project - The Ninth Fleet (2001 - 2014)
GM - Thor Project - Task Force 93 (2010 - 2011)
GM - CG:FFT - Independent (2010 - 2011)
GM - The Dragon Within - Independent (2010 - 2011)
GM - To The Skies - The Ninth Fleet (2011 - 2012)
GM - Kiru-Acu - Independent (2007 - 2014)
GM - Yet Another High School RP - Independent (2013 - 2014)
GM - DFS Lavie - Task Force 99 - Bravo Fleet (2016 - Current)

Leadership PositionsEdit

Commanding Officer of Task Force 11 in UDF
Fleet Commanding Officer - Delta Task Force/Fleet
Chief of Fleet Relations - Utopia Prime
Fleet Security CO/Press Officer - Systems Commonwealth (formally part of the Omega Fleet Community.)
Lead Host/Fleet Commanding Officer/Operations Director - UDC Simulations/UDC Fleet
Fleet Founder - Omega Fleet Community
Delta Task Force Commanding Officer - United Federation of Planets Defense Force
Host/Ship Design Coordinator - Star Dayz an independent RPG of A Writer's Journal
Task Force 240 Commanding Officer - Siren Fleet
Site Manager/Support Technician -
Forum Administrator - International Simming Association
JAG Officer/Reporter - Bravo Fleet News Service
Administration Lead - Siren Fleet
Website Support Agent - Siren Fleet
Task Force Executive Officer - Bravo Fleet NXD
Hall of Honour Administrator - Bravo Fleet
Task Force 99 Command Adjunct - Bravo Fleet

External LinksEdit

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