Kaitlin (K, Kate or N7) is a test subject that escaped Roscoe Industries.


Kaitlin appears to have a pair of black twintails tied on the back of her hair with red silk strips and allowed to flow through her shoulders in front. Her eyes are as red as blood, and her lips are plump. Kaitlin's skin tone is fair, and her face has no visible marks of freckles, spots or pimples.

She is relatively tall, having a slender body and a pair of ample breasts. She wears a set of corporate attire that consists of a white long sleeves, a red necktie, a black coat with an N7 lapel pin and a black skirt.

She also wears an opaque black pantyhose with a span from her feet up to her thighs. As for shoes, Kaitlin wears a black high-heels. To finish Kaitlin's attire, she wears a pair of black leather gloves that cover all parts of her hands.


Born in 1995 at North Dakota, Kate is the only offspring of two parents living at the suburbs near the Grand Forks. She was a student in Schroeder Middle School right before she became a test subject of an association called the 'Knights' regarding genetical enhancement, in order for the selected civilians to become super soldiers.


Kaitlin was abducted on October 26, 2011 and was taken to a Roscoe Industries facility somewhere in New Mexico. Under the designation of N7, she was taken care of by the scientists with proper treatment. She took various tests of physical, intellectual and mental attributes before she was given a shot of a chemical agent that enhanced both capabilities of her body and her mind.


After Kaitlin was given a shot of the chemical agent, she was trained on parkour, hacking, basic firearm operation, melee and especially, unarmed combat. The scientists noticed a side effect of the chemical agent on Kaitlin. She became quiet, and would usually respond by nodding. She would either speak in a soft voice or write her feelings or requests on a piece of paper. The scientists also noticed her loss of emotions, and her showing of a sinister smile across her lips.

Two years after her experimentation, she was transferred to Roderick Heinmer, her new superior. On their first meeting, she was introduced to the Roscoe Industries. Kaitlin abruptly ended the meeting by knocking Heimner and his two guards unconscious. Then, she broke into Heinmer's computer to switch off the hidden cameras inside his room. She escaped the Roscoe Industries, torching the facility whilst walking away, showing the same sinister smile across her lips.


Before her abduction, Kaitlin was a simple yet a bright and a bubbly young girl. She loved anime and would usually read manga. She also had an affinity for drawing, singing, writing and playing the guitar. She never disobeyed her parents, and was an obedient girl. Because of her affinity for the arts, she seldomly socialized with people around her school. Usually during breaks, she would sit and sketch on the cafeteria alone, or write some journal entries on her notebook.

Kaitlin was an affectionate person before she was abducted. She had an ample amount of friends from her school, as well as her neighbors. Being the only child in her family, she did her best not to disrespect or disobey her parents. She gave them good grades, but her parents seem not to return the favour.

After Kaitlin was abducted and trained by the Roscoe Industries scientists, she lost her emotions; she became a quiet person yet obedient. She either talks to the scientists in a soft voice, or she's writing messages on a piece of paper. Also, she would sometimes tend to respond to them by shaking her head or nodding. According to one scientist that have looked after her, she has surpassed the other test subjects that would usually go on in aggression.

On her stay throughout the Roscoe Industries, she has lost her regrets and would kill without being bothered by her conscience. She does not regret her course of actions, nor realize if they're immoral. On her stay, she realized that her course of actions would dictate if she would survive, suffer or die. It was the reason why she would only care of her safety and survival.

Some events hinted Kaitlin's slow regain of her emotions when she first shows an evil grin to a scientist who was in charge of her mental wellness during the experiment. Kaitlin also made this evil grin when she met Heinmer on her introduction to the Roscoe Industries. Also, she made a sinister smile after successfully escaping the Roscoe Industries facility while she set the facility ablaze.

Equipment and skillsEdit

For the numerical statistics available for Kaitlin, visit this page: Kaitlin/stats

Kaitlin carries a pair of wakizashis (also known as the Twin Dragons) sheathed on a traditional brown tsuba. The swords consists of a polished, smooth silver blade, a silver habaki, a silver tsuba and a silver seppa. The swords also feature a black grip. They are Kaitlin's main weapons.

Kaitlin is allowed to summon shadow clones and/or switch places with it. The attacks from Kaitlin's shadows inflict magical damage to the target or even kill it without a sign of physical injury. Aside from this power, she also has the ability to teleport to an area within a short distance.

Combined with Kaitlin's enhanced body capabilities and her powers, she can make a very deadly assassin and is able to take down a group of men in a matter of seconds.


  • Kaitlin's appearance was inspired by Kurumi Tokisaki.
  • The alias 'N7' meant that she is the seventh subject of the experiment.
  • She is the first female subject in the experiment.
  • According to her subject profile, Kaitlin is 5'11.
  • Kate is conceptualized and designed by Narellia.
  • Kaitlin is 18 years old today.
  • Kate is a Roman Catholic, according to her subject profile.
  • Roscoe Industries is a clear reference to Abstergo Industries.
  • Kaitlin's shadow manipulation ability was inspired from Zed, a character with similar abilities from League of Legends.