[COLOR="magenta"]Kandy Kane/Kaos[/COLOR]






[COLOR="magenta"]A girl never tells[/COLOR]


[COLOR="magenta"]Jacksonville Fla[/COLOR]


Manager: (If so, list their name and small details):
[COLOR="magenta"]Justin Sane[/COLOR]
Associates: (Any tag-team/stable partners, list their names here, as well as the name of the team):Same as Above

Interpretation: (Is he/she heel or face):

[COLOR="magenta"]Tweener [/COLOR]

Wrestling Style:

[COLOR="magenta"]Luchadore /Hardcore[/COLOR]


[COLOR="magenta"]Split Personality Disorder[/COLOR]

Finisher Moves: (You must have atleast one, and a maximum of three):

[COLOR="magenta"]Jumping Tornado DDT (Kaos theory)
Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb( Primal Scream )
Inverted STF /Muta Lock

Trademark Moves: (You must have atleast one, and a maximum of three):

X pac facebuster

Movelist: (You must have a maximum of 7, These are moves that the writers will add into matches that your character uses):

[COLOR="magenta"]Lita Mickie James Winter and Trish Stratus [/COLOR]

Appearance: (Your character's look-a-like, NO WWE pics allowed ):

[COLOR="magenta"] Denise Milani [/COLOR]

Entrance Music: (You can list this if you want):

[COLOR="magenta"] Trina Still da Baddest Bitch [/COLOR]

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