Normal anime emo vampire
Character Name
NameKyoshi Kinomara
Race Demon/Vampire
Sex Male
Date of birth Unknown *appears as 18*
Roleplay Information
Genre fictional
Type Chatango user


  • Hair:Short Dark red Emo Hair
  • Eyes:Red orange
  • Wings:Concentrate power to release dark red wings.
  • how he appears: a Dark red cloud will surround the sun.And a Dark lighting will blast the ground as he appears at the area the lightning hit



  • Wears a Black leather Trench coat with a lighting shocking his heart.
  • Looks very, very, very gay


  • Vendaminator-


    a Soul destroying sword that can manipulate any souls or use in combat.(uses it whenever he feels like using it)
  • Devils Perception - a Sword with a Skull Plate with a dark redish long Blade. When the Opponents blood touches the blade of the sword, the skull plate will glow a dark or red color and destroy the opponent with 1 fatal shot.
    LR CE-966

    Devils Perception


Mood and personalitiesEdit

  • acts like a badass and Hes always does Harcore things
  • Loves to joke around alittle (geta annoying sometimes X3)
  • acts alittle Pervy with the girls.
  • Loves to fight.


  • playing with his Electric guitar(any Destructive Deathmetal music he plays can cause a fierce Fire around around him)
  • picking fights sometimes
  • Trains, sleeps and plays a nice solo music alone in the forest
  • sits on the roof of the forest church and stares at the stars and moon


  • people getting in the way
  • Acts like they better than him
  • Leprechauns
  • some of the Demi Gods.


  • mother: Fatalia Kinomara
  • father: Zeon Kinomara
  • brothers: Destinysblue, Demgel, Deaththekid16.
  • Sisters: Littlebunnybri317, MedicalXninja, darckamiheaven
  • children: Shiki, Hana, Rakari.
  • status: Single

Abilitys and PowersEdit

  • Uses His combo punches and kicks

Information of His PowerEdit

  • Heartagram Mark:the Mark on His stomach contains the new power in him. the Heartagram power.Red,Blue and Dark colors are the source of Each abilities it contains.
  • dark color heartagram mark:its a Mass of middle energy that can make his speed quicker.
  • Blue Color Heartagram Mark: Once the mark turns blue his fly abilitys will upgrade and make him a powerful speed flight Demon. He can also flash step behind his opponent at the speed of 0.01 second. His attack will be so fast that u will Not see it comming.
  • Red Heartagram Mark:u will have to find out once u fight him
  • Ultimate Negative orb: its a Devestating orb that can either Burn, Kill or Take control over body

Inner DemonsEdit

  • DemonsCreed: His 1st demon form. His body has 2 massive spikes on his back and 2 horns on his head. His Power is Combat fighting. THe dark bloody Blast can destroy an enemys in an instant
  • Zuzerion: A pervy Demon that has a Body of Steel(WARNING!! Never have any Girl Next to him. He will touch them (consider rape XD)).
  • DragonOfDestructioN:an Ultimate Demon Dragon that has a Massive Metal Dragon scales. it Can transform to any form. Each of them have incredible power.

Inner AngelsEdit

  • DarkAngelXerixomaru: a dark Angel that has an Ultimate Power of Dark can Be only activated when ReDhEaVeNs either Dead, or Very injured and unable to move.

Dark SidesEdit

  • TehDarKHeaveN: an Ultimate Dark Warrior that has a way with Evil. His sister is EvilXMizuni a.k.a Yami.

About ReDhEaVeNEdit

ReDhEaVeNs ChildhoodEdit

He was born a prince in the Demon Clan in the Netherealm. When He was Child He always think about Love and Peace but His Father Forbid him to think about peace and caring. The Clan Went to a Village to Buy the Village from Kishimaru677 which he Denied the request. Redheavens Father gave him a warning that kishimaru will get what he deserves.When Redheaven Seen Kishimarus daughter blackXstar he blushed alittle. But then the Village was destroyed by the Clan. The Demon Clan then destroyed the nui tribe and every other tribe and Village. But then Red changed after his parents were sealed. Fatalias soul was sealed in someone elses body. Zeon was sealed in a Dark prison that was never found. Then Red was alone with nobody to play or talk with.

RedHeavens Adult storyEdit

He then was evil and Kill citizens. But it all change when He Met and married his wife. Which Got Divorced Because of the evil he have done. He has a few Friends and he wants to get back the peace and Love that was takin away from him.

Redheavens Favorite Deathmetal band that cause him to create a Blaze of inferno each songEdit

  • Slipknot - Psychosocial, left Behind, My Plague, all hope is Gone, Wherein Lies Continue, sulfer, Dead Memories, before I forget, Wait n Bleed, and everything Ends.
  • Trivium - Down From the sky, Ignition, Requiem
  • Disturbed - Stricken, Inside the fire, Indestructible
  • Cold - Remedy
  • Seether - Burrito
  • Kalmah - Heroes to us
  • Disarmonia Mundi - Burning Cells,Celestial furnace, Mind Tricks,Common state of inner Violence,Swallow the Flames,Colors or an New Era, Resurrection Code,and parting ways
  • these Musics are also My Favorite musics irl
  • the Music he plays that Sents the Forest in Flames

OOC InformationEdit

  • Name: Im not telling you
  • Roleplay Wiki Name: ReDhEaVeN
  • E-mail: dont wanna tell you.
  • Instant Messages: