File:Theme of Knight of Nightmares

The Knight of Nightmares when transformed.


In the World of Chakiro, Anything is possible. Dragons ruling the sky along with their rivals the Stellians, Peaceful spirits roam the graveyards being very conversational, The Holy Swords wait in patience for someone to pull them from their respective stones in caves deep in the earth, A castle filled with the bravest knights known to man, Banshees haunt palaces...Wait, WHAT?!!?

I have taken inspiration from various sources from around the web, From Dota 2, To Soul Eater, to my own roleplays on [EXPUNGED], And made this myself!


The world of KoN is one filled to the 'Grim' with scariness and dark comedy, As well as the fiercest wars ever.

That basically sums it up right there.



Not much is known about this species as they live in the shadows, However there is a picture of what it supposedly looks like.


An artist's depiction.


Self explanatory.


Huragok have little interest in taking sides in conflict; they appear to draw no real distinction between friend and foe, and prefer to spend their time inspecting or repairing technology. However, they will utter a high-pitched keening sound whenever a Forerunner artifact is threatened. They are apathetic to any sort of combat, and tend to just float along with a single goal: fixing things.


A Huragok.


Self explanatory! But if you don't know what one is, Here's a picture of one! Hurray for you!!

Connor Lovegood

This is a human! They're like the worlds, Smartest animal...

Anomalous BeingsEdit

These include SCP's, The Knight of Nightmares himself, And other various abnormal beings.


One of the Anomalous Classes, Humasion Devil


Self explanatory.


I haven't filled this at all, Feel free to do it yourself if you're a contributor! Thanks!

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