Name : Koralkal

Primary function: Enforcer

Alt mode:Dragon


Charged fusion cannon. - alt mode only. he deploys vents along his neck and tail and a gun barrel emerges from his mouth. He must remain stationary with a foot lock in place to fire this weapon. The longer it charges the more powerful it becomes but this lengthens the recharges time. [Recharge time is triple the charge time]. With the addition of the experiemntal charge absorbing armor set the recharge time can be reduced.

Back pack. Uniquely he carries a backpack in both of his modes. He has acquired two distinct backpacks. The first is equipped with combat claws, the second is a flight pack which is not equipped with any weapons.

Claws: these have two uses. The first is close combat where they can be manipulated and used aggressively or defensively. Getting grabbed by the monomolecular edges is not advised.

The second use turns the claws into linked laser weapons. With the additional charge absorbing armor systems Koralkal has acquired they now have the same effect as a null ray. But now he can fire once before needing to recharge there systems for twenty seconds.

Profile: Vorns ago Koralkal was nothing more than a run of the mill decepticon. On his fourth mission with his unit he became separated from the others during an earthquake. He awoke in a cave deep underground that was saturated with energon crystals that he had never seen before. They seemed normal to his sensors and glowed a bright blue color. As he was not in need of a recharge he carried on into the cave. He walked for a short time before his energy redlined. He crashed to the ground in front of a throne. A transformer sat there lifeless and dormant. Dragging himself towards it Koralkal reached out to touch the figure on the throne. As his hand landed on the foot of the enthroned transformer something odd happened. A flash of darkness entered his vision and then a few moments later his vision returned and his energy level was steady. He looked down and noticed his old body lying with its hand on his foot. He picked it up and dumped it on the throne. He simply walked out of the cave. After returning with his unit to the staging base he was moved into special training. He was taught stealth, advanced hand to hand combat skills and allowed to master the functions of his backpack. He became part of the decepticon secret police as an enforcer. His superiors have sent him to find out if there is any truth behind the rumors they have been hearing. After an encounter with plasma energy Koralkals normal armor set was irrepperably destroyed. He gained a second set from his direct off world superiors. This experimental set was created by studying the mech known as Earthshaker and hence is the first working version of reverse engineering his armor systems.

Stats: Height alt mode [including backpack]: approx 37 feet.

Height robot mode: approx 45 feet

Top speed : running{alt mode} 120km/h

Special abilities

Exchange backpack. Koralkal can exchange his backpack between the two he has available depending on which he uses he will gain one of the following abilities.

Backpack 1: in addition to the claws Koralkal can project a powerful energy shield in either mode.

Backpack 2: When equipped with this backpack Koralkal is only armed with his charged fusion cannon. He does however gain flight capabilites and his top speed increases to 500km/h.

Charge absorbing armor Koralkals armor absorbs any form of energy upon contact filtering it into his systems (through use of a synthetic crystal to convert the energy). It is also reasonably strong compared to most materials.

Weaknesses: When using the charged fusion cannon Koralkal can not turn around {needing a fixed base to compensate for the recoil, it can be fired in the air when koralkal is equipped with his flight backpack without drawbacks}. If the charge absorbing armor absorbs too much energy it will shut down all of koralkals systems and discharge the excess energy in a spiral of lightning which will damage all those nearby, this leaves koralkal on minimum energy/in stasis lock [but does not damage the armor in any way].

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