Name: Kukai Maru
Age: 16 Occupation: Leaf Village Ninja


  • Long blonde spiky hair in a ponytail
  • Blue eyes
  • Baby pink madrin collared top with black shorts with a net short sleeved, peddle pusher suit underneath
  • Black knee high boots
  • Fishnet fingerless gloves
  • Leaf village headband tied to right upper arm


  • Giant shuriken (I tie it to my back when I go on missions)
  • Thin metal Belt with shuriken and kunai attached
  •  A samurai sword attached to my back

                                       Things you might like to know about Kukai:

  • My mother and father where skilled Anbu black opts and they want me to train to become one
  • I moved away from the Leaf Village when I was nine and moved to the Sand Village and moved back again when I was 16
  • My friends in the Sand Village where:
  • Nuramya(girl)
  • Femiya(girl)
  • Rubaku(girl)
  • I met Naruto when I was 5
  • My best friend was TenTen
  • I was in team 12 in the Sand Village (Also known as Team Minayaki)
  • Minayaki Otango was my sensei




  • Naruto
  • Kind People
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Fighting


                                    Dislikes e.e:

  • Curry
  • Unkind people
  • Bugs
  • Spiders
  • Akatsuki

       Relashionship Status

Currently likes Naruto(Fox Boy) and he likes me back(We are goin out)

Doesnt have any kids


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