Kurt Keller is an avid simmer who started simming in February of 2009. He has simmed in Epsilon Force, Phoenix Fleet, Bravo Fleet, UCIP, Luna Fleet and Pegasus Fleet. He has served in several positions in Epsilon Force including Chief of Staff, Task Force Commanding Officer and Director of Public Relations. He has served as a Task Force Commanding Officer and Vice President in Phoenix Fleet. Kurt has also served as the Director of Personnel Management of the long defunct Luna Fleet. He has served as a commanding officer in Epsilon Force, Phoenix Fleet, Bravo Fleet and Pegasus Fleet.

Kurt currently serves as the Commanding officer of Starbase 519: Pioneer which has been in continuous operation since 2009. Starbase Pioneer started as the U.S.S. Zeus back in 2009. The Zeus was a steamrunner under the command of Kurt, then Commander Robert Fletcher which was under Task Force 84 in EF, under the command of Matt Williams, who later founded Pegasus Fleet. Until it's destruction in April of 2010 (2387 - EF Time), the ship served as the Flagship of Task Group 84-B. In April of 2010, the crew of the Zeus transferred to the U.S.S Roddenberry, a Luna Class. After Matt's retirement from Task Force Commanding Officer of 84, to start Pegasus, Kurt took over the spot of TFCO of TF84, a position he held for a few months until September of that year.

In October of 2010, in order to meet the new militaristic style of TF84 under the successor of TF84, the crew of the Roddenberry moved to the newly constructed U.S.S. Zeus (-A), a sovereign class starship. The Zeus-A had a successful run of missions until early June of 2011. Thanks to a string of real life issues affecting both Kurt and the crew, the sim was reorganized into Starbase Pioneer later that month. Since then the Starbase has been a model sim in both Epsilon Force and Pegasus Fleet, being award the Gold Simulation of the month twice (consecutively), the Commander in Chief Unit Citation and the Judy Chapman Simming Award (Sim of the Year 2011).

In February of 2012, Starbase Pioneer moved to Pegasus Fleet. After spending several months over in Pegasus Fleet, Starbase Pioneer died a horrible death and the remainder of the simm returned to Epsilon Force where it has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Characters (Major)Edit

  • Fleet Admiral Robert Adam Fletcher - Excelsior Fleet - Commander in Chief - 2009 (2284).
  • Admiral Steven Fletcher - Phoenix Fleet - Vice President - 2011.
  • Commodore Robert Kurt Fletcher Sr. - Epsilon Force - Chief of Staff - 2009-Pres (2386-pres)
  • Captain Carolyne Hall - Pegasus Fleet - Commanding Officer, Starbase Pioneer - 2011-Pres (2388 to Pres)
  • Captain James White - Starbase Gemini - Commanding Officer - 2010-2011
  • Lt. Colonel Charles Fletcher - Executive Officer - Starbase Frontier - 2011-Pres (2388 to Pres)
  • Major Adam Fletcher - Second Officer, Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Ticonderoga - 2011-Pres (2388 to Pres)
  • Lieutenant Commander John Greene Sr. - Chief Operations Officer - Starbase Frontier - 2010
  • Lieutenant William Fletcher – Chief Tactical Officer - USS Atlantis - 2009-2010
  • Ambassador S’Task – Ambassador - Various - 2010-Pres.
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade David Solomon – Chief Helmsman - USS Endeavour - 2009