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Character Name
Species half human half cat demon
Sex female
Age 15
Roleplay Information
Name naruto pictures chat
Genre fiction
Type Chat


The BasicsEdit

Describe what your character looks like. You can also use the following.

  • Hair :long black hair to her feet
  • Eyes :brown
  • Build :skinny
  • Height 4'
  • Weight :40'lb

The Details / Identifying featuresEdit

shes a young half breed that lives in the leaf village.she has a mother named akari higurashi and her father ryuki higurashi was dead for along time.kagome has so many friends and family that loves her supposively.she's a kind and caring young woman though she has a wicked temper so watch out ^^;.she has a baby girl named lucy.lucy is kagomes daughter and shes very cute for an 5 year old little girl x3.lucy is some what like her mother kagome. lucy doesnt harnes her mothers powers what so ever.kagome is a very strong and couragous young woman she protects thoes how are needed to be protected.she loves a boy named and he loves her back ^////^.she has 2 brothers one is evil and the other is good.her evil brothers name is sobek a crazy murder how kills her friends and supposively rapes them e.e;. and her good brothers name is cloves hes a quiet yet shy guy to be around with.she has a sister named dark angel she's a vampire demon who is sometimes hyper but quiet and shes stronger than she is. she also has a demon spirt inside her named chisume and also has a evil side to her named sasaki she is way eviler then chisume or any other demon.  


Clothes / ArmorEdit

  • she wears a white kimono on with golden dragons on it


  • kunias,bow and arrows,sharingan,crimson rasengan,water and fire jutsu's,and super human strangth and speed


  • she has beautiful angel wings on her back



shes hyper,shes sometimes careless and stubbren


  • she likes raman very much
  • she loves her baby girl lucy
  • she loves so much
  • loves her family and friends


  • she doesnt like to fight
  • she hates it when everyone ignores her
  • she doesnt like sobek killing her frieands
  • hates sobek(some times he gets on my nerves >.>)
  • hates the site and smell of blood


Marital StatusEdit

shes not married she's just dating


  • kagome
  • and lucy(kagomes cute little daughter x3)

Skills and WeaknessesEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

she has super sence of hearing things with her cat ears,she has super human strangth(like sakura ^^)and speed

Skills and Education Edit

her brother cloves taught her water and fire jutsu's and yukiere taught her so many jutsu's too ^^. Edit


she has a great fear of blood



she was picked on alot of times when she was 5 years old(like 50 years ago in the past v.v)  


she's grown up and now she loves somebody alot(she loves ^//////^) and her family,friends and lucy x3.

Current statusEdit

she has so much to learn and do like learn more jutsus from other people

OOC InformationEdit

  • Name: shae tanksley
  • Roleplay Wiki Name: ladykagome1025
  • E-mail:
  • Instant Messages: love u all from ladykagome1025 check out my roleplay wiki everyone x3