Landon "Robert" Wakeland is a Star Trek simmer with Independence Fleet. He is currently the Executive Officer of the club. He began simming in 2001, serving on the USS Pioneer as its Chief Diplomatic Officer, before retiring from simming in 2003. He returned to Independence Fleet in 2011, serving as the first officer of the USS Liberty before assuming command of the USS Avalon, where he plays Captain Wesley Chase. In 2012, Robert was appointed as the Chief of Fleet Communications for Independence Fleet and promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral. Soon after, he became the Executive Officer of Independence Fleet and assumed the rank of Admiral. Describing his affection for the club, he wrote, "I love with a passion and spend on average 40-60 hours a week managing it and my game there. The fleet is such an open and welcoming place that I have made many many lifelong friends there, and I look forward to making even more."