Name: Landslide.

Primary Function: Roughnecks Team Member; Military Tactician and Espionage Director.

Gender: Female.

Alt mode 1: A greenish brown Mitsubishi Lancer Rally AWD vehicle.

Alt mode 2: None.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Weapons: Carries a sniper rifle capable of shooting up to a half mile away from her. The weapon has been enhanced through the tinkering of Scientist Flashdance. She also carries two handguns, they shoot cables that latch onto enemy and drain their energon. These weapons are stored in her front bonnet, and partially ejected in vehicle mode and can be used in the same manner.

Profile: Not much is known about her, she is quiet and mysterious. She follows orders to the letter and can improvise when needed.

History: Unknown. Yet another new recruit from the Deltronian Military Academy.

Abilities: She seems to possess a keen knowledge of environmental areas and geographical locals. Has a high level of combative and espionage skills. In vehicle mode she is able to traverse many kinds of terrain though due to her alt mode. Her speed is only average at about 200 mph, but she can travel at her average speed over rough terrain without braking.

Special Abilities: She as the ability to bend a field of light around herself in a cloak of invisibility.

Weaknesses: Her ability to socialise with others can be a problem, as she barely says two words at times, though when she does she has somewhat of a strange accent, like a Dinobot, or a human with a broken English Chinese accent. Keeping her cloak on for two long can tax her energon reserves.

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