Lighting Storm

Function: medic/mechanic

alt mode:

Bio: Some call him a medic, others call him a mad old mech, the rest just call him grumpy. He cares little for being a medic or for speaking with other decepticons. He has been known to misrepair those who badmouth him. One notable time was when Shockwave insulted him without Shocky knowing that he had done so. It ended up with Shockwave having his optic circuitry inverted so the world was upside down. Lightning storm is not fast but he is fasinated with lightning and electricity. In a medical 'accident' with the insecticon Shrapnel he duplicated the decepticons lightning controlling circuitry and then installed them within himself. He has a tendancy to copy the abilities of his patients that he believes will be useful in his future projects. He is not very gentle when it comes to repairing anything he has been known to fix an energon line leak by snapping the plates of armor blocking his access and then using tape to patch the leak until he can be bothered to fix it. He is also very stubborn and will get his own way even if it means he need to break some limbs or cranial units to get it.

Weapons/abilities: 1 X large hammer. Primarily a close combat weapon he has been known to use it in his medical procedjures though.

1 X nitrogen cannon. Mounted on his right arm in robot mode he can fire this and freeze his foes solid. Again he also uses it as a medical tool.

1 X cutting laser. Short ranged weapon that can cut/weld most cybertronian metals and is mounted on his left wrist. While normally a medical tool this does not deter him from giving an opponent a Kaon smile with it though.

Power over lightning: Lightning storm can cause sudden and aimed lightning bolts to fall from the sky using a similar method to that originally used by the decepticon shrapnel except that he can latch onto the charged particles in the atmosphere and create his own localised lightning storm.

Weaknesses: Lightning storm is heavy and slow due to his massively armored robot and alt modes.

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