From 1997 to early 2007, the Simming League was organized around the "United Nations" model. Clubs that joined the Simming League would follow a set of standards and send their top leaders to a Sim Senate. The Senate would organize events for the League, discuss problems facing the simming and online-role playing community, and amend standards that member clubs were expected to follow. The Senate elected a Simming League President who ran the day to day operations of the League, and approved Justices to a Court of Sim Justice that settled disputes involving member clubs and punished troublemakers. The following is a list of clubs that were members of the Simming League, listed by year which they joined.

Please note, in reality the list was dynamic, with clubs joining and leaving the League (usually because the club disbanded) during the course of the year. Many clubs joined in one year and stayed active in the League for years to follow.

In early 2007, the Simming League abolished the concept of a member club and opened its membership up to individuals.


Federation Fan and Sim Club
Star Command
Trek Online
United Association of Colonies
Club commanded by CmdrJKyle, lost name...


Alliance Simulation Group (Observer)
Ashes of the Rebellion
Caelli Merced Engineering
Confederation of Sims
Cyber Intitative (Observer)
Federated Galaxy Orginization
Federation of Alian Species
Federation Online Simulations
Federation Sim Fleet
Galatic Allied Forces
Independent Fleet
Intergalactic Simulation Organization
Member Focused Simulations
New Federation Sim Group
Romulan Star Empire (Observer)
Science Fiction Group, later United Earthly Federation
Sim Fleet
United Federation of Nations
United Federation of Planets Marine Corps
United League of Starships
United Peoples Sim Nation
United Simulations Organization, later Star Trek Sim Club


Allied Simulations Continuum
Confederation of Planets Marine Corps
Endorian Republic
Federation of Allies
Federation Online
Federation Starfleet Command
Inter Galactic Star Alliance
Interstellar Simming Confederation
New Federation League
Online Simulations Association
Phantom Fleet
Q Realm
Science Fiction Universe Sim, Imperial Romulan Fleet (Observer)
Space Fleet Elite Forces
Starfleet Simulations Club
Starfleet Simulations Organization
USFS (Observer)
United Federated Planetary Confederation
United Federation
United Federation of Populated Planets
United Federation Organization
Utopia Fleet
World War Two Sim Club (Observer)


Allied Federation's Fleets
Allied Simming Group
Generation 2498 (Observer)
Interplanetary Federation of Simming
Nova Fleet
Olympus Fleet
Quantum Republic
Star Mercenaries
Starfleet Command
Starfleet Simming Federation
Starfleet Simulation Group
United Federation 12
United Simming Federation (Observer)
United Trek Simming Federation


Note, most records from this year have been lost.
Pi Fleet
Starfleet Legacy Alliance
United Planetary Confederation
United Planetary Council


Note, most records from this year have been lost.
Galactic Space Forces
Star Trek Simming Alliance
Star Trek Sim Fleet
United Galaxy Organization


Charmed Ones Later Banned
Freedom Squadron
Galactic Empire (Observer)
Global Simmers Group (Observer)
New Worlds Project
Odyssey Simming League (Observer)
Omega Simulations
Star Trek Outer Region (Observer)
Star Trek Sim Federation
Star Trek Simming Alliance
Task Force 4 (Observer)
UFP (Observer) Later Expelled
United Galactic Federation
United Simming Federation
United Space Fleet
USS Trenton (Observer)


Star Fleet On-Line
Taskforce 254
The Nexus (Observer)
Universal Alliance (Observer)


Dagobah Fleet
Diversity Fleet
Divinity Fleet
Legend of the Green Dragon
Starbase Republic (Observer)
StarForce Simming (Observer)
Star Wars Unleashed
United Federation of Ships (Observer)
United Order of Starfleet (Observer)
Utopia Prime


Alpha Fleet
ADWAR Fleet (Observer)
Ajje Games
Imagination Sims (Observer)
Starbase 118
USS Hawkeye (Observer)
USS Thall
Utopia Prime

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