Live action role-play or shortly LARP is a form of role-playing where the players all dress up and act as their own characters. A LARP session can take as short as a couple of hours, but may also be a large event spread out over several days.

History Edit

It is very likely that live action role-playing dates back from the prehistory, reenacting elements of the surrounding culture such as the hunt, family and so on. Similarly, the ancient peoples also did this with historical settings, using events from tradition or from historical works from their time as inspiration.

In several areas in the world, live action role-playing as it is known now, dates back from the late 1970s.

Events Edit

  • Intercon LARP conventions (previously Silicon, Intercon and DexCon, United States)
  • Knutepunkt (annually in Scandinavia, since 1997)
  • Wyrd Con Interactive Theater convention (annually in the United States, since 2010)

Sources Edit

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