M. L. Moses[1] is a retired Star Trek simmer who was active in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He served as a sim host and Vice President in Trek Online (TOL) and as a sim master in Star Trek Sims (STS).


Star Trek SimsEdit

Moses joined Star Trek Sims in August 1996. At the club's academy sims, he met fellow recruit Chas Hammer. The two became fast friends. Upon graduating, Moses was assigned to the USS Fearless II sim. Moses proved adept at serving as a sim master, and by 1999 helped established the Deep Space 23 sim, which was commanded by Argus Nishan, with Moses as it's sim master.

Trek OnlineEdit

Soon after joining STS, Moses was recruited by Chip Rollins to join the UFP/SF sim club (later Trek Online). Moses passed Chas' name along to Chip, and Chas quickly followed Moses into the UFP/SF. In late August, Chas was authorized by Chip to launch a new sim, the USS Vindicator. Chas selected Moses to serve as it's first officer; however, due to time constraints, Moses often could not attend, and he stepped aside as first officer in December, 1996.

Moses continued with Trek Online in an unaffiliated role, making guest appearances and serving as a guest sim master from time to time. Moses returned to a full time role on the USS Vindicator in 1999, serving as the ships sim master.

Together with Chas and Chip, Moses helped establish the New Horizon sim in Trek Online in 1998. In 2000, Moses launched the USS Erasmus sim.

Throughout his career, Moses served as a confident to Chas Hammer. When Chas returned to the Presidency of Trek Online in May 2000, he tapped Moses to serve as Vice President. Once the decline in the club that prompted Chas return had been stabilized, Moses stepped aside on October 2, 2000. Moses continued to appear in guest roles in Trek Online throughout 2001 before deciding to retire from simming later in the year.


From 1998 to 1999, Moses and Chas ran an independent venture, called the USS Darkflame (also alternatively called "Trek Theater" or "Outer Realm Sims"). The sim served as a testbed for the two to experiment with a sim that did not have a set captain, crew, or background. This concept was later adopted in Trek Online as the New Horizon's sim.


  1. Unless otherwise noted, all material in this article comes from the personal records and recollections of Chas Hammer.