Jaxx the MACO

MACOs or Lamniformes sapiens were created for military special forces.

The MACO breed created by the JMC Corp. The MACOs, (Military Altered-Human Combat Operatives), are part shark and part human. MACOs have enhanced strength, speed and sences including the electrical impulse sense found in sharks. They have gills that can filter toxic gasses as well as breath underwater.

MACOs looks like a 6' 7", 26 year old muscular marine with tanned skin, black hair, retractable shark teeth, neck gills, retractable fins, retractable claws & aqua blue eyes. MACOs also wears a black, gray and blue armor suit with slots for his fins. Inside the armor are small nanobots like the ones in the Kryten Mechs, that repair most damage to his body and armor.

Additional FactsEdit


MACOs have retractable shark teeth, neck gills, retractable fins, retractable claws and senses including the electrical impulse sense found in sharks..


MACOs can speak using a shark sense underwater and English when on land.


MACOs are very intense and would normally be kept a distance from civillians unless they were the rescue party.  MACOs are very macho and use their strength to show their presence.  To keep order MACOs are all the same with the officers being the level of training installed based on rank.


MACOs have no religion and only believe in the next mission.


MACOs were created in a lab by a crew of Military Scientists in hopes of building a Super Land/Aquatic soldier with super senses. Only one survivor was left after a radiation leak. However while in training stasis his military software was switched to a library of video games when two of the researchers were having an affair on the desk. MACOs are suppose to be the Humans strongest line of defense. Then after the lab incident Jaxx the last MACO spent the next 3 million years in stasis playing virtual video games for his training. His rank is based on mastering the game Virtual Halo. His skills for odd tasks stem from other games like Virtual Star Fighters, Virtual Tetris, Virtual Burger Time and so on. Jaxx holds the galactic record on many video games since he did have near 3 million years to hone his skills.

Due to a mysterous virus from an unknown attacker, Jaxx has Permanent Amnesia. His main purpose in life is to solvle the mystery of his missing past. The only clue to his missing past is an odd dart he was found holding.
Recently Jaxx has become an Apprentice Calamar Monk (Like an Aquatic Shaolin Monk) in training.


Surfer Jaxx

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