MACO LabEdit

 Top Secret JMC MACO Cloning/Traing Labs are very costly and dangerous to maintain.  If the correct balance of human and shark DNA is not perfectly balanced you might find yourself short on staff.

Clone LabsEdit

The clone Labs are where the MACO (Military Altered Human Combat Operatives) are grown in a tank till they are matured. MACOs are Humans with shark dna and features.

Head of MACO Project: Dr. James Ozzbourne’s

Project:  M.A.C.O. (Military Altered-Human Combat Operatives)

Location: Blue Dwarf

It took about two years to create the MACOs and about 20 staff members.  Many staff members were killed by MACOs in the begining when they breached safety protocals.

MACO technology was designed to be exclusive to MACOs so if any were captured their nanobots would be useless. Inside the lab is also a stockpile of weapons, ammo, food, armor and medical supplies.  Several lockers hold supplies for up to 200 MACOs.

After the MACOs were properly tank grown and injected with MACO nanobots and they are transported to the Virtual Reality tanks where they trained for insane hours on a variety of subjects. 

Training LabsEdit

The Training Tanks educated the MACOs in a variety subjects such as survival, combat, military proceedures, military statagies, a barage or weapons, hand to hand combat, psychology and military lititure. The tanks are designed to allow the MACOs to avoid outside stimulus and monitor their progress.  Since MACOs can breath underwater it is easier to expose them to medicine or leathal poisons through the water if needed.

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