Magic High is a magical school for kids about to enter High School receiving letters, or emails. Depending on what type of mage they are, they will be contacted by the dept. for their sphere of magic. The Spheres of magic are Elementalist (a mage specialized in one the elements like Earth, Air, Fire, & Water. Can also include other types such as ice, magma, lightning/storm, metal, wood, lunar, solar, etc.), Summoners (Can temporally summon creatures, but can also involve summoning various components or materials. They are skilled in drawing upon other planes of existence & acquire resources found there. They need a strong focus to control summoned creatures), Demon Tamers (Start off with one demon/monster partner out of a choice of 3 given and slowly can gain more over time based on mana and skill, they can also use their mana to summon their monster, quickly heal and boost their bodies temporarily), Enchanters (Specialized in enchantment magics that can bend reality in some way) & Illusionist (Specialized in illusions such as invisibility or creating ghostly specters & other shapes that aren't really there.) All Mages are limited to their mana, focus and experience. However some will experience an extra ability at the cost of an equal flaw. Now they must deal with being in a magic school, new bullies, mastering their powers and avoid becoming Dark Mages, Necromancers, Dark Tamers etc. Magic High is usually accessible via boat or magical transport.

Macical Spheres. Edit

Elementalist are mages that can manipulate, create and control one of the elements and possibly some of the sub elements.  For example an Earth mage can specialize in plant, metal or gem magic as well when creating golems.  It takes a long time to achieve this but with hard work and dedication it is possible.  This sphere uses a lot of mana and tends to drain the mage in combat.  If the mage looses focus they could hurt bystanders, personal property or themselves.

Illusionists use magic that alters the perception of others and can be very convincing. Illusionists use less mana but require more focus on their spells in order to maintain the spell. When an Illusionist looses focus their illusion will either fade away or turn into a nightmare for the caster.  

Enchanters can alter non-living things as well as living things.  They can make weapons stronger, make shoes to increase speed and make charm and love potions.  However on the same note they can do the same with curses which can be harmful if not careful.  When an Enchanter uses magic on anyone or thing it is only temporally and will last till the spell runs out of mana.  Many Enchanters can find work selling magical items in the shopping district nearby.  They decide on how much mana id required to lace an item or person with. When an Enchanter looses focus it could have random effects like a charm or improve spell could become a curse with unknown effects. 

Summoners are a mage that can conjure up items, knowledge and creatures from other planes temporally.  This does require a lot of mana and limits the Summoner to how many summons they can perform in a short period till their mana is recharged.  When a Summoner looses focus they might summon an incomplete or incorrect item or information and if its a summoned creature it will turn on them if they can't maintain absolute control since they are being summoned against their will to begin with.  Keep in mind Summoned creatures are only half as strong in this realm than in their normal realm.

Demon Tamers on the other hand are not like Summoners in that they are in a contracted partnership with their monsters and require way more mana and little control since their monster fight from their own will.  However they do need focus to summon their monsters to them and to trace them down if captured.  Tamers tend to have way more mana than other mages since they often get hurt in combat which is why the can heal rather quickly.  Also they have to give their monsters a large power boost because of the dividing rule on earth.  All monsters have their mana halved on the realm of Earth to protect the humans from a monster take over.  So if you travel to different realms you will see that the rare dragon is twice as powerful in their own realm.  Tamers can bypass that rule by forming a contract with their monster and use their mana to strengthen their monsters temporally. Normally Tamers only start out with one monster registered with the National Demon Association based on their mana level to start off with.  This could range from a goblin for low leveled Tamers, a Minotaur for midlevel Tamers and a Dragon for highlevel Tamers.  Most of the high level monsters and some of the mid level monsters can take on a human form in public.  But on the rare occasion you may find a few Tamers that can make more than one contract other monsters However they need to be sure they are committed to the parnership before they make it since both parties have to agree to break the contract if it is unsuitable.  So as you can see each sphere of magic has many pros and cons and it is up to the mage to learn their lessons well and master their sphere of magic. Any monster that wants to have a contract must be registered with the National Demon Association. Monsters who are registered with the National Demon Association are allowed to live and work in the realm of Earth without persecution from authorities.

Additional Information Edit

Familiars" or "animal guides were supernatural entities believed to assist witches/mages and cunning folk in their practice of magic. Normally they are similar to the mage such as a flame mage would have a phoenix if they are strong or an owl if they are weak. They can be purchased in town or captured in the wild however they take time to train if wild. These can be purchased in town.

Monsters and Levels For Tamers and Summoners Edit

All Tamers are given a choice of 1 out of 3 monsters to choose from when starting. Monsters are usually the same age as the Tamer.

Weaker Tamers will start off with a monster equivalent of a Goblin, Kobold, Troll, Lion, Wolf, Bear, Bullywog, Shark, Mermaid, Fairy, Orc, Zombie......etc.

Mid strength Tamers will start off with a monster equivalent of a Stone Troll, a Dire Wolf, Dire Bear, Goblin Mage, Giant Crab, Drake, Wyvern, Siren, Nymph, Gryphon, a Minotaur...etc. 

Strong Tamers will start off with a monster equivalent of Ghoul, a Kraken, an Elemental, a Golem, a giant Serpent, a giant Lizard, Giant bug, a Lycanthrope, a Giant, a young Dragon....etc.

Keep in mind the monster will normally be close in age to the Tamer as they train together.

Summoners may summon any monster for a short time depending on their focus and mana however if they loose their focus it will turn on them.

Dark Mages Edit

Necromancers - is a form of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge, or to use the deceased as a weapon, as the term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic

Dark Elementalists - These mages use dark magic such as Black Fire, Black Ice and so on. When tainted by black magic it not only has it normal effect but it adds poison and weakens what ever it touches over time till it rots away.

Dark Illusionist - These mages prefer in creating nightmares for their victims and torture their minds.

Dark Enchanters - These mages primarily focus on various curses to plague their victims.

Dark Summoners - These mages tend to summon evil creatures and items to torment their victims.

Dark Tamers - These Tamers use illegal magical "Catching Nets" to capture, torture and submit unwilling and unregistered monsters. They use dark magic to alter Contractor Rings into Submitting Rings and Controlling rings which they use to hurt the monster til they loose their will and become a mindless creature. This process creates a fearless monster slave but also limits their skills since they are unable to adapt outside rage attacks. Dark Tamers also use Dark Magic to merge with their monsters and temporally gain their abilities like stone arms and fire breath. This dark magic feeds in the Tamer's soul and can drive them insane over time.

Rating GameEdit

This is a game is a competition between two teams. The Rating Game shares many similarities with the other sports.  The Rating Game is used to measure a Mages's strength which will reflect their social standing in the Magic World. In fact, the Rating Game is so famous that the Top 10 ranked are considered as heroes to the School. 


The game takes the form of a strategic battle between the two teams. It is fought on a map of their choosing, and can be created to be a perfect replica of any location they desire. Only matured trained Mages are allowed to participate in Official Rating Games.  Unofficial Rating Games are used for training new teams and do not affect their status.  The maximum number of players in a Rating Game is 10 with two of each type of mage in each team.  The Rating Game is a game where the goal of the game is to collect the 26 flags that are scattered around the battlefield where victory is achieved by collecting more flags and or defeating the other team.  To prevent the students from harm all magic used in this created arena can only stun instead of killing them.  If defeated the stunned student will be telepoted to the infirmary to prevent them from friendly fire.  Official Games are recorded and affect the students power Rating.


Magic High

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