Master leo

Alt mode {titan class combat vehicle. Hellhound class}:

Robot mode: four legged sabertooth tiger with weapons mounted on its back.

Bio: Having been recruited from a universe where autobots were more warlike Master leo never learned the autobots protect life policy, only after being recruited

by Stom Hawk and then by following his brothers lead did he learn not to squish squisable things. He has proven to be very effective in combat. A very

animalistic autobot. Due to an explosion in the lab he was created in his robot and alt modes were inverted. His indentical twin was completed without Master

leo's animal faults. Unable to speak Master leo communicates using growls and gestures. His animal instincts can sometimes intefere with missions. Only his

brother warhound can fully understand him. The materials used in his construction are extremely dense and can easily protect him from an artillery barrage.

Weapons/Abilities Inferno cannon: Fires a superheated ball of plasma that spreads out on impact. Good for about twenty shots before its depleted.

Mega bolter: A rapid fire dual minigun that fires explosive tipped rounds of ammunition. with an internal ammo feed Master leo carries an estimated 6000


Tigers claws: Master leo's frontal limbs are tipped with energo claws. he can only use these in close combat but they are quite effective.

(ability) Animal bound: Master leo in his animal mode can leap incredible hieghts and distances [despite his massive bulk]. He can also use this skill to

pounce on foes. {He will then commonly go for the troat of his unlucky prey with his fangs. He will only try this attack upon successfully pinning an


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