Allegiance: Decepticon Name: Maxima Funtion: Reconniasance Alt mode: Cybertronian jet Quote: "I can face the most dangerous challenge and master it."

Rank: >I leave that up to Megatron or current Leader< Velocity: 120 mph in Robot mode; max speeds over 2,000 mph with an altitude as high a 80,000 feet in jet mode Size 1: In robot mode; 38.5 feet Size 2: In Cybertronian Jet mode: wingspan 55 feet ; length 107. 5 feet; height 18.6 feet Firepower - Weapons: In Cybertronian Jet mode: -Explosive - heat seeking, air-to-air missiles & laser guided missiles In robot mode: -Blade - energy saber -Plasma - twin cannons mounted on the forearms (rebound-medium: power only) -Energy - laser - twin mounted shoulder cannons (rebound-low: power only)

Abilities and Special Skills: Flight* (common Radar Radio Intercept Stealth radar Enhanced senses Research

Bio: Intelligent, reclusive, cunning, cautious, strong, nearly emotionless & very little compassion; she's like the calm just before a deadly storm, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. Relishing in any Autobot's demise that may unluckily cross her path. Loyal only to those she deems worthy and trusting no one. Anyone treating her as weak & worthless is usually a fatal mistake. Always seeking what information she could to use for herself or for the Decepticon cause. Her focus was upon whatever task was at hand. She desires to become one of Megatron's most trusted & favorite elite warriors. She would try to prove herself that she can do anything within her means. Even lay down her life for Megatron. She has a strong ideal of a warrior's code of conduct. She won't break it, but abide by it and sometimes bend the rules. Mercy is not usually an option unless the victim is needed and necessary for something useful. Impulsive sometimes only because something like a plan is taking form. When silent and ignoring, she's actually thinking. Sometimes her conduct & ideals will cloud her judgement but she never makes the same mistake twice!

Weapons: In Cybertronian Jet mode; Armed with a heat seeking, air-to-air missiles & laser guided missiles. Infrared & radar sensors. Stealth craft. In robot mode; has twin plasma cannons mounted on the forearms & twin mounted shoulder laser cannons. Her exo-cover is composed of a highly supremely tough metal alloy. Her optic sensors provides a 2 miles radius monitoring system; enhanced with a Infrared scanner that can detect movement & heat through a wall within 100 yards.

Special Skills/Other abilities: Flight, Radar, Stealth, Stealth radar, Enhanced senses

Notes: Only weaknesses is her need of constant energon/fuel. Sometimes a lack of trust shadows her judgement. Loyalty to Megatron both as a strength and a weakness can be used against her.

Background history: Nearly 10 million years ago, Maxima was constructed along with Elantra, Sentra, Spectra, Altima, Beretta, Vitara, Jetta & Sienna. She was assigned & programmed to be an assistant for a government official, Gamma Vipian. Gamma Vipian was one of the Military advisors for the planetary defenses. Over the time period of a million years, Maxima had come to know nearly everything in her line of work as well as a majority of what was going on around the planet. Her employer was her mentor now, seeing potential in her as a possible government official with the planetary defenses or perhaps the Senate. She was one of 3 aides to Gamma Vipian. Terra Max & Solaris were the other 2 aides of Gamma Vipian. Solaris was 4 million years older than Maxima & Terra Max. Terra Max was eager & arrogant, often testing Maxima. Solaris was more like a best friend to her. Maxima wanted to know everything & humbly did as Gamma asked of her. Often she would go to the Hall of Records where a Cybertronian historian named CAT would assist her in many issues of historical or technological nature. Anything in regards to information, she was able to obtain, whether for Gamma or for herself. Whatever she found, usually was helpful to Gamma or the Cybertronian Defense Corps. During this time of the Golden Age, a Cybertronian named Megatron was coming into the spot light, albeit a dim one. Maxima often attended the brutal deathmatches with Gamma and a couple militarians. She had first seen Megatron at the gladiatorial matches of the underground and was highly intregued with the warrior after he took out one of Gamma's favorite Gladiators. She was obviously not the only one to have taken interest in the young gladiator. Over time, she'd either seen or heard more about this mysterious Megatron. But not officially meeting Megatron until on one occassion when Gamma Vipian met up with him after the Gladitorial Matches when she finally was introduced to Megatron as one of Gamma's Aides. Highly impressed with the Gladiator she dove deeper to learn more about this new Master Gladiator and his newly forming Cult. Soon, reports of attacks began to come in causing a slight stir in the Senate. Rare & few at first, then the reports started to increase. Megatron then began his attacks upon Cybertron with his former Cult-turned-army. Stealing Energon, obtaining weapons and materials, conquering cities, taking out Senators and high Cybertronian Officials. Using cruel means to swell his ranks, such as with the infamous Robo-smasher, Megatron began to slowly sweep across the planet. Conquering city after city; destroying anything or anyone that stood in his path. With the Decepticons causing chaos across Cybertron, some Cybertronians worked along with the Autobots to stop this planet-wide massacre and conquest. Alpha Trion was one of those former Officials who escaped the massares and begain reconstructs of new warriors to fight the Decepticons. Maxima was with her mentor & other Dignitaries who met up with Alpha Trion & Autobot Officials to discuss the threat of these new militarians that was spreading mayhem on Cybertron. Alpha Trion silently spotted Maxima's reclusive interest in this new terrorist cult. She felt that she was more a Decepticon now than a mere Cybertronian. She felt it in her circuits. During this meeting, it soon enough went sour as assasinations were attempted. Maxima's mentor was one that was heavily damaged; his laser core as well as nearly 85% of his body was destroyed. Helpless in saving her mentor, she watched the terror unfold as Solaris was gunned down whilst attempting to take Gamma to safety after being hit. Terra Max slowed her down as he tried to eliminate her instead she eliminated her troublesome collegue. Megatron soon enough arrived with reenforcements increasing the skirmish into a full force battle partly to 'rescue' the secret Decepticon Elders, but was too late to save Gamma Vipian as Maxima learned soon enough he was one of Megatron's creators. Maxima filled with hatred and swore destruction upon the Autobots. Cybertron was now divided as the tension was felt all across the mechanical planet as war finally broke out officially. Maxima tried to continue her duties to fill in as a diginitary in Gamma's place only to learn that she was not needed as the war progressed. She did what she could to gather the attention of Megatron & his senior commanders. Shockwave always being the one in her way. She continued to rely upon CAT with continuous information of any sort. Whatever information she had, she could eventually use it. Battle after battle continued to ravage the planet. Megatron advanced, taking city after city. Maxima was with CAT discussing an issue when their building was caught in the middle of an intense battle. The building sustained major damage. Parts of it exploded as the rest of it collapsed. CAT was damaged & terminated. Maxima was later found severely damaged, but still functional. Found by an Autobot, she was repaired. Her time with the Autobots was secretive and short lived as she was Decepticon & not an Autobot. Soon disappearing from the Cybertronian scene. Over the next couple million years, as Cybertron's Golden Age was ending, she sneaked around the underbelly & lower world areas of Cybertron; to live & to survive. She rarely went out into the view of others, be they Autobot or Decepticon. For if spotted by Autobots, she'd be terminated or captured. If it were the Decepticons, she hadn't a clue what may happen for one such as her, perhaps deemed a traitor for being in the Autobot's grasp for a time. She had the knowledge & clearance from being an aide once. This helped her survival some as Cybertron was turning into a wasteland of tarnished metal & littered with junk. Maxima never had the ability to transform. Where ever she could find Energon, she took it so she could survive. However, one attempt to get Energon failed. During one attempt on a Decepticon supply of Energon she stole a cube but soon engaged with Shockwave & his goons. Outnumbered & out gunned, she escaped but not without being hunted down. Soon enough, the cube in her hands was shot & exploded. Causing her some damage. She lay there heavily damaged both emotions & memory processors partially compromised causing her memories to nearly erase as the surge of energy from the potent Energon cube exploded. Shockwave arrived as the sentinels surrounded the smoldering form of the fembot. Megatron appeared on the scene with Soundwave belaying the order to disentigrate the fembot. Remembering her as being an aide to Gamma Vipian. She knew Cybertron & knew it well. Well enough he could use her. And he would. Maxima was repaired with potent weapons & re-assigned to hunt down the Autobot femmes & destroy them. Maxima did her job well almost too well. Reporting in after every kill. Soon enough, the fembots became so few and went into hiding. Energy sources of Cybertron were nearly gone. The Autobots were close to extinction. With a space cruiser, a majority of the Autobots left Cybertron in search of new energy sources. Megatron & the Decepticons gave chase. Maxima remained on Cybertron, watching as the Nemisis departed and disappeared into space. Not hearing from Megatron for some time some Decepitcons continued to wage their battle and tried to hold down their territories while others moved into the stars beyond Cybertron following the Autobots to search for more energy sources. She continued to do her job out of anger - anger that once again she lost her master. A million years after Megatron & the Decepticons left Cybertron, Maxima was in a standoff with Eleta-1. Heavily damaged, she fell into the underbelly of Cybertron falling in stasis lock for over 2 million years. Soon enough she came out of her stasis lock after after some bot found her and helped to restore her. For the next couple million years, she survived in any way she could. She awaited the day when she would return to the Decepticon ranks. Only one could allow that - Megatron! Over the years, as the Decepticons continued the battle on Earth, the battle on Cybertron was continuing in the favor of the Decepticons. By 2005, all of Cybertron was theirs. However, a twist of fate occured. Megatron was no more. Many were terminated when Unicron attacked Cybertron. Those remaining fled off Cybertron as the Autobots reposessed the broken world. Over the years, Maxima hesitated to follow Galvatron, his leadership was questionable. She soon enough went off on her own in search for energy & more. Survival was difficult for her as she struggled to serve a cause which was faultering, a cause that was established by that mysterious Gladiator so long ago. Some event took place that nearly took out the Decepticons. Maxima eventually found herself in the Decepticon Crypt & went into Stasis Lock. She eventually reawaken a couple hundred years later to assist the new Decepticon Leader only to disappear once more, never to be heard from again. Time and time again, Maxima found herself in stasis lock after some event. Lost to many, sometimes some would consider her legendary and mysterious. Disappearing to no one knows where. Then she'd return mysteriously or was discovered and revived. Usually her return heralded something horrific and terrible in the near future.

Maxima's loyalty to Megatron is not a secret. Several in the Autobot ranks know darn well her devotion to the Decepticon Leader. She'd lay down her existance for him. Why she remained so devoted to Megatron, one never knows exactly. But she's been known to be just as vicious, cold, cruel, and cunning as he. Nothing in the universe could ever pry her loyalty away from Megatron.

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