Name: Maximus

Primary Function: Communications

Alt mode: Truck/car thingamajig

Weapons/Equipment (for melee use):

1 x Repair gun (pistol whip, I guess) lol

1 x Communications lab (if pulled apart it could be a melee weapon….it could!)

Profile: Before he was Fattimus, Maximus was a non-fractioned vigilante dedicated to keeping the neutral streets of Cybertron free from the conflict of the Autobot/Decepticon war. His loyal and trusting personality made him one of Cybtertron’s most honored warriors with the potential of becoming a Prime. However, at some point in Shockwave’s rule of Cybertron, one of Maximus’ closest friends betrayed him and handed him over to Shockwave for reprogramming. Under Shockwave’s custody, he became subject to various experiments that resulted in the creation of the monster known as Fattimus.

Nicknamed Fattimus, due to his somewhat large and bulky appearance, Fattimus was a walking tank with little intelligence. As part of the experiments he underwent, Fattimus lost all prior memory and was implanted with technology allowing him to replenish his energy by consuming both biological and technological matter. In providing him with and alternative method of consumption, the technology also caused a side-effect of constant hunger. It’s unknown exactly why he resorted to cannibalism, but rumors say he was tricked into doing so by JD. As a precaution, Fattimus was put into stasis lock and launched into out of space.

Discovered by the earthlings, Fattimus was brought to their home planet, earth, in hopes of gaining the technology to create their own transformers. Before he was able to escape, the humans were able to reduce Fattimus’ hunger and slightly increase his intelligence. He was, reluctantly, accepted into the Predacons due to a lack of members.

Even after the Cybertron war ended, Fattimus’ hunger was still considered a threat amongst the community. Because he was such a liability, he was reformatted back to Maximus. This in turn restored his lost memories, but also left him deeply traumatized; for he now understood the evil of his actions.

Haunted by his memories as Fattimus, Maximus has locked himself in a communications lab at Decepticon Headquarters. There, he hopes that his isolation will help him come to terms with what he’s done; while also remaining of some use to the Decepticons. While his association with the Decepticons might seem like an act of loyalty, he is only biding his time. For when the time arises, he’ll take his revenge on everyone who contributed to his pain.

Abilities: Maximus possesses superior strength, intelligence and endurance. Just like JD, he is an unconventional fighter; using whatever means available to win. In his isolation, Maximus has gained a vast knowledge of technology and is capable for accessing information, from any available source with little ease. In addition to this, he can also repair any and all forms of technology.

Weakness: Maximus’ memories as Fattimus have horrified him to the extent that he’s confined himself from the outside world - fearing that he may again become his cannibalistic self and destroy his home world. He is full of self doubt, easily manipulated, and will often withhold information from his superiors unless directly requested.

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