Primary function:Assault

Alt mode: Antimater Dual Cannon

Alt mode 2: none

Weapons: 2 midsized fusion cannons on each arm(like Megatrons takes power from user pull),purple energy sword.

Profile: Years back there existed an Autobot named Blue Star (1980 Cybertron). After years of fighting he defected to Decepticons due to ideological reasons. He was Honest with others about it so they let him go with heavy feeling in their "hearts". BlueStar took a new name after he joined the cons and went by Tenoh.

He was theorist-engeneer and had developed a few nasty surprises for the autobots. His last invention was the powerup device that reconfigured a transformer to totaly difrent person. Tenoh wanted to become more powerful and this device allowed that but with a price.While being in powerup mode,his spark was changed to accomodate outer changes.

The body became strong and durable but his mind in that state became more violent and lost scientific edge and knowlage. Afer using the device for some time Tenoh figured it out and wanted to fix the problem. He didnt get a chance. During one of the battles he sustained great injury while being in powerup mode and the device was damaged beyond repair.

Tenoh while being that way couldn't return to his former state thus he took the name of MegaTenoh and from that day left science behind.

Blue with a black helmet MegaTenoh wields 2 midsized fusion cannons on each arm and uses them in his alt mode. Alt mode was the most powerful weapon that Tenoh created in his days and used simple energon to produce enough antimatter for a devastating blast. MegaTenoh also has Tenohs old weapon,the purle energy sword that he loves to use from time to time.

Abilities: When charged to the full MegaTenoh can produce 5 antimater blasts. After that he would be so low on energy that he wouldnt be able to fly and possibly run. Antimater blasts have short range compared to otehr weapons but it always have a use.He can also fire normal fusion blasts that requare alot less energy. His armor is pretty tough and has limited regenerative capabilety that again uses alot of energy.Can create an energy sheild for short period of time.

Weaknesses: Apparent lack of energy if wasted or provoced to waste it.Really easy to provoce if in the bad mood. As all big armored types can be a bit slow compared to lighter type transformers and in cannon mode very limited tracking capabilety,simply unable to hit even not so fast moving targets.

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