Michael Bailey (also Travis Livengood) is a former Star Trek simmer. He was a member of Trek Online and the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. He also created his own independent sim, the UFS Nixon.


Michael joined Trek Online in 2000 as an ensign on board the USS Challenger. Michael quickly climbed the ranks to become Vice President of TOL before its collapse in 2004. Following the disbanding of Trek Online, Bailey joined Starfleet Legacy Alliance where he was assigned to the USS Zealous. Shortly thereafter, Michael was named CO of the USS Lee, which due to its inability to maintain a proper crew was shut down not long after Michael's resignation and departure from the SLA.

In 2006, Michael returned to the simming universe and back to the SLA where he rejoined the Zealous. On the outside, however, Michael also established a sim of his own, the UFS Nixon.

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