NX-10 Pegasus was an email based sim. The simm originally launched in 2003 in Bravo Fleet's NX Division. Set in the 'Enterprise' Era (2154), and was a successful PBEM game. However in 2006 the simm shut down due to time constraints. In Sept 2011, Mike Bremer announced the simm would return as a fan fiction and attached to The Ninth Fleet.

NX-10, USS Pegasus, was commissioned in 2154, ahead of schedule. While she was the tenth of the NX class to be ordered and started, she was the forth completed and commissioned. Captain Brian Bremer was assigned as her first Commanding Officer.

Little was known about the early missions of NX-10 until recently, as they were marked classified and sealed. Pegasus first few missions took her to the edge of Klingon space where the crew learned more about the feared warrior species, exploring the Kaleb and Mutara sectors, and even conducting joint missions with future Federation members, the Vulcans and Andorians.

In 2155, Brian Bremer was promoted to Vice Admiral and reassigned to Starfleet Command. Brian personally requested that his younger brother Christopher James Bremer, who was up for a command of his own, be assigned the new CO of Pegasus. CJ took command later that year, just prior to the start of the Earth-Romulan War.

When war broke out, Pegasus joined the Starfleet battle fleet fighting the Romulans. She took part in several fleet actions as well as a handful of minor skirmishes while on patrol. NX-10 was on the scene when NX-03 Challenger was destroyed, rescuing those crewmembers that managed to make it to escape bods. Pegasus would also delver some punishment back to the Romulans. She accounted for twelve ships destroyed, another seventeen damaged.

Near the end of the war, the Pegasus was assigned as Task Force command ship for a group of six ships (two Venus class, two Neptune class, NX-08 Yorktown, and the NX Pegasus). This group was to attack a Romulan supply base at planet Galorndon Core, however the defending ships, a force of Romulan Warbirds and Bird of Prey, counter attacked. While her escorts took care of the supply base and cargo ships, Yorktown and Pegasus held off the Romulan group of four ships. NX-10 suffered heavy damage and was towed back to Earth for repairs by the USS Horizon, one of the brand new Daedalus class ships that had been sent to support the attack group once they met strong resistance. The Pegasus was repaired and fought in the last two major engagements of the war, including the Battle of Cheron.

Pegasus was decommissioned in 2170. After ten years in the 'mothball fleet', the proud ship was assigned to Starfleet Academy as a training vessel.

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