Name: Solar flare

Primary function: Areal recon

Alt mode:

Weapons: 1) Energon Blades of various sizes hidden all over his form ready to spring to life. Most notably along his wing's edge and cascading down both sides of his chest, shoulders, and back. These fixed blades can be used in either mode as desired. 2) Energon plasma Gatling gun(Fires concentrated superheated Energon at 100rpm. Requires short recharge after overheating). 3) 6 missile pods that fire Energon rockets two at a time.

Accessories: Solar flare generator that disrupts electronics and all variety of sensors in electronics including but not limited to optic sensors, navigation equipment, and communications.

Profile: Solar Flare was assigned to Ryu Kadavra's team much to his dismay. He'd much rather be racing the skies of Cybertron and plummeting to its surface in a death dive only to recover mere feet from crashing. Instead he is forced to aid in the study of a dying star in hope of harvesting as much needed energy as they can. Ryu almost got him destroyed as they barely left the surface of the star before it went supernova. Solar flare did not escape scott free nor did any of the other crew members. The blast from the supernova reformatted Solar flare into what he is today. A walking time bomb waiting for some poor foolish decepticon to cause him to blow his top. Solar flare is a base of metalic silver with red and white tones.

Abilities: Solar flare is a high flying fun loving type of mech. He is able vacate the gravitational pull of any planet and breach the outer atmosphere into deep space. it is here where he can get un obstructed exposure to the solar radiation he needs for survival. He is however unable to travel very far and must return to a ship or the planet and land. Solar flare can also track an enemy unit from up in the stratosphere out of the radar range most decepticons have at their disposal. Even at this range he always hits his target, though the missile itself may be off by a few degrees.

Weaknesses: Like Ryu Kadavra, Solar flare also has to rely on solar radeation to keep his energon flowing. Should there be a rare solar eclips or should he be locked deep underground away form any sorce of solar radiation his body would start to slow down and use extra energon to stay active until stasis lock comenses to protect the spark.

Special ability: (Supernova) By channeling all the solar energy around him Solar flare can focus it into his body and release it all in a expanding field of destructive energy. This ability is involintary and only acurs during strong influenses from the home star and the temperment of Solar flare. Solar flare's armor is normally farly cool to the touch however as his anger increases so does the temperature of his armor. Should he reach the Supernova stage his armor will glow like the force of the sun blinding all who look upon him. Shortly after the stored energy is released in a masive explosion leaving only Solar flare and the creator he created.