Name: Nexus

Primary function: Hunter

Alt mode: Buffalo MPCV

Weapons: Twin energy swords (Made from parts of the claws from his alternate form) Plasma Cannon (Two blasts can be used)

Profile: Nexus is a hunter, right down to his Spark. Once he has a target he will hunt them down, rip out their sparks and take a small of part of his prey as a trophy. His loyalty is to the Decepticons, but not to a single leader. He will side only with the strongest, yet will always make connections so that he will be safe with whoever is leader. His way of life as a Decepticon has always given him a great sense of pride, but is feared by some Autobots. He is a brilliant swordsman who can match the best of them, as has had tangles with the great autobot swordsman Springer himself.

Abilities: Speed is his specialty in his alternate mode. He also uses his mine sweeper claw to fling Autobots past him who get between him and his target.

Weaknesses: Nexus' main weakness is that he is a close combat fighter; ranged attacks will damaged him greatly. Another weakness is his sense of pride, which if damaged will cause him to start to attack blindly.

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