Nial_Padraig_"Cannonball"_MacLaren is a character who has appeared in multiple Star Trek Simms, played by Phillip J. Crom. Starting his career as a security officer aboard a starship, Nial quickly became something of a legend, appearing in multiple simms until his unfortunate passing at the age of 111 while on duty at Fleet HQ.


Nial has appeared in four different simulations during his career: First in, then in Marine Force Recon, he also appeared in AJJE games and finally on an independent server until his death in character. He was originally concepted, says his creator, "I used grumpy old men and mad scientists by the dozen, I threw some of my grandfather, Frank in there and gave him a very defined look, making him practically Jack O'Niells' (of Stargate fame) doppleganger." Nial made his first appearance as a character from the Knox County public Library, in 2000.

Early Life Edit

Nial was born Niall Padraig MacLaren of Tiree, Scotland to Andrew and Francis MacLaren on Oct. 30, 2280. Much of his childhood was spent in the highland woods of Scotland, but even as a young boy Nial dreamed of fighting on alien worlds. At the age of 16 both his parents died in an accident, so Nial lied about his age and enlisted in Starfleet Academy.

Six years of hell Edit

Nial spent the next six years at Starfleet Academy, when it was discovered in his third year of academy training, a tribunal was held and it was decided he would have to repeat his first two years instead of being drummed out, mostly because his grades were exemplary and his record was spotless. Nial was a member of Red Squadron for the last two years of Academy training, and was Wing Commander in his final year. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2302 Nial took the first posting he could get. This single fateful choice would define the rest of his career and indeed, was the primary element that colored his reputation until his passing.

They Call me Cannonball Edit

During this first assignment, the ship Nial was stationed to was assaulted and boarded by Romulan soldiers on a covert mission that went awry; armed with nothing more than a hand phaser and an antique cutlass Nial took the fight to the Romulans, killing three and injure a number more before they managed to subdue him, managing to drop through an air duct and surprise them.

because of his method of attack and the ferocity he brought, the Sub-Commander ordered him brought, and Nial spent six months as a Romulan prisoner of war. However, other than the daily 'testing' of his physical, and mental abilities, he was treated not like a prisoner but more as a guest, being given anything he needed or desired during this time and, when the Romulans were satisfied they had learned all they could, delivered him to Federation Space, leaving him there in a Starfleet shuttle. Once Nial reported to the nearest Starbase, he was debriefed by no less than two admirals and four Captains.

Marine Force Recon Edit

After his return, Nial went on to help found Marine Force Recon, under the command of James Holbrook, a lifelong friend and fellow "Class of '02" alumnis. Gathering the best officers they could muster, Holbrook and MacLaren established Fire Base Horus, inside of the Briar Patch.

Later Career Edit

Late in his career, Nial passed the mantle of Marine Force Recon Commander to his adopted son, Talicarus Karinth. After leaving Marine Force Recon, Nial was assigned to work in SF HQ, and did so until the end of his career. On Oct. 31, Nial was attended by his grand-Daughter Jillian Karinth when he passed away peacefully at his desk.

..And they came from near and far Edit

Nial was buried Nov. 24, 2391 in Stonehaven, Scotland. Dignitaries and representitives came from all over the quadrant, including dignitaries from the Romulan Star Empire, who recieved special permission to attend the funeral of a man they respected (and perhaps, feared). Nial was buried in a family crypt in St. Bernards Church cemetery, with a full miltary funeral befitting of a man who gave his entire life 'his beloved Corps.' He is survived by a wife, Siuan, an adopted son, Talicarus Karinth, and a grand-daughter, Jillian 'JJ' Karinth.