Name: Nightstalker Allegiance: Decepticons Primary Function: Psychological Warfare

Alt mode: (black, lavender, silver) F-35 lighting II jet Alt mode 2: Porsche RUF RGT

Weapons: - Duel arm mounted laser rifles - Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol with silencer. 30 rounds x 13 clip hold. - Twin long blade daggers.


Tempory profile while Youngling size:

Due to an kidnapping incident with humans, Nightstalker's body was damaged beyond repairs. Rather than leave her in spark statis until Slowbrowse can rebuild her body, he had Solaris build one out of materials that could be spared at the time. Because of this the biggest body that could be built was that of a youngling.

When it came to the memory chip transfer, microfactures in the chips caused the computer to improperly transfer all the data. Due to this, Nightstalker is having to learn some stuff over again. Though it should be fixed once medical realizes this....

Where and who created Nightstalker is unknown, the elders could not or would not tell her. All she knew since her awakening was a small outpost and her best friend Sunspot. She, along with Sunspot had come online during the last 2 years before the peace ended and thus never knew war, fear, or death. They enjoyed listening to the war stories told by other transformers at the outpost. Unlike Sunspot who preferred stories of the autobots, Nightstalker preferred the stories of the decepticons. The stories of their ideals, past leaders, battles, and anything related to two decepticons in particular- Skywarp and Thundercracker. Then the peace ended, the factions split again and the war came. Her best friend joined the autobots but Nightstalker was unsure about battle since all she knew was peace. That is until Sunspot died in her arms and something snapped. From that moment she hated the autobots and blamed them for his death. Within three days she escaped the outpost in search of the decepticons; not only because she admired them for their ideals but hoped of extracting some revenge.

Since arriving on Earth she has made vast improvements in her fighting skills and mental abilities. A chip installed by MegatronX amplified her mental strength and abilities ten fold. She now can ping transformers minds for their position and also access their minds without being in visual range; although it consumes more energy.

After a recent fight with Nexus a dormant program, installed by Skywarp, activated and inserted itself into her programming. This programming replaced some original programs and now assists her with self preservation in times of possible termination. When automatically activated it puts her in a heightened state of awareness, increases the sensitivity of her sensors, and speeds up her reflexes and CPU function.

Abilities: - Able to perceive clocked objects within a 30 meter radius by mind pinging. Cannot visably see but she knows where they are.

- Mind manipulation. Able to implant thoughts and visions into others minds; usually must be within visual range or physical contact if energy is low but this does not apply if she uses the chip.

- When using the chip at max, it gives her the ability to make the unlucky transformer feel physical pain similar to what they are experiencing in the visions or memories bring relived.

- Immune to moderate electrical attacks/shocks due to a protection coating that was installed in her after being nearly electrocuted to death.


- Reminders of lost friend can bring on a bout of extreme hatred and self loathing. During this time (which can last for days) she has a tendency to be non compliant, disobey orders, be cranky and sulky.

- A stronger telepath can block her ability and cause it to backfire on her.

- Being a triple changer, her armor plating is not at thick and cant take a strong blast.

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