Name: Nightshade

Faction: Decepticon

Alt mode: F-35 Lightning stealth fighter

Weapons: (Cybertronian weapons)

twin wing blades (not unlike katana swords)

Single plasma cannon (Able to do 20 rounds before needing recharging) (Earth weapons)

Guns: 1 × GAU-22/A 25 mm cannon — slated to be mounted internally with 180 rounds in the F-35A and fitted as an external pod with 220 rounds in the F-35B and F-35C.

Maximum speed: Mach 1.6+[68] (1,200 mph, 1,931 km/h)

Range: A: 1,200 nmi (A: 2,200 km) on internal fuel

Combat radius: 600 nmi (690 mi, 1,110 km)

Wing loading: 91.4 lb/ft² (446 kg/m²)


With full fuel: A: 0.89

With 50% fuel: A: 1.12

Profile: Recognisence specialist Abilities: air combat, tactical observation, and science technician Weakness: Nightshade is a quiet observer, she is also very intelligent and an excellent fighter.

Info: Nightshades past is one that has mystery as her creation was not known by many. She was away from cybertron for most of the battles, but she is a loyal follower of Megatron.

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