Nova Nitro Armour

Reach for the sky, or maybe I'll just blow you sky high

Name: Nova Nitro

Alt mode: Fighter Jet

Allegiance: Armourcom

Function: Armourcommando Demolitions

Weapons: Twin rifles(laser charge) held under wings in alt mode. Twin mm cannons(located on nosecone) Energon bombs/misiles(chargable)

Accessories: Various Explosives, detonation devices

Quote: "Demolition is my mission"

Bio: Deranged and trigger happy, Nova always has a stick of dynamite on hand and a way to light it. Made sentient from one of Svaat's Flight bomber drones. He isn't happy unless he is blowing something up or seeing something blown-up. If Nova Nitro isn't happy then nobody is happy. If he isn't happy long enough then nobody will be happy with blown up stuff. He likes explosions so much he gets too close to the blast on more than one occasion.

Nova is normally a placid type of guy, unknown to his other more explosive side. He make dry cracks about blowing stuff up or how things can be easier with an explosion. You can bet the longer he talks about explosions the more likely there will be one in the near future.

Strengths: Nova Nitro can turn anything into a bomb and blow it up in a blaze of glory. Unfortunately it is usually something that belongs to one of his team mates. He is smart, way too smart to be as dumb as he acts. He's fast in the air, and a good marksmen. Whether flying over his target or setting an explosive trap from far off, Nova always hits his mark... well close enough to his mark. Once the job is done he has the speed to vacate the area unscratched, too bad his likes to watch his work in action too much to leave before the final blast.

Weaknesses: Has a tendency to get caught in his own detonations. Extremely jumpy and always has an itch to blow something up. An itch that gets stronger the longer it is not scratched.

Special Ability: Reconstruction. Even after being blown up on a regular basis. Nova Nitro is still able to pull himself back together every time.

Special note: Nova Nitro flyes with a partner drone named Starshower.

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