Name: Omnicron

Rank: Leader of the Autobot Alliance Strike Force

Alt Mode 1: Cybertronian Hover Tank Alt Mode 2: Satellite Beam Cannon

Weapons: Ion Pulse Fusion Cannon, Trintinium War Axe, Energon Burst

Special Abilities: Personal Force Field


After Megatron X was thrown against the super computer known as Vector Sigma his body was reformatted and his spark removed. At the same time another spark was placed within the body and this spark contained all the memories of Megatron, Galvatron, and Megatron X leading this new being to believe he was one and the same. So without the knowledge that he was his own unique individual he continued on with the quest of taking Iacon City and crushing the Autobots.

Later events lead to false evidence being displayed of him initiating a nuclear strike on Cybertron for the entire Decepticon Empire to see and a coup took place. Omnicron fought off wave after wave of Decepticon warriors and even destroyed a combiner with only one arm still attached to his beaten form. Finally one lucky mech hit him squarely with a thermobaric missile that sent him flying off into the distance. Lying beaten and broken amongst the rubble a faithful servant, FossilBite, located him and took him to safety. While FossilBite went out on patrol the leader of the ArmourCommandoes located the hideout and stole the stasis locked form of Omnicron away and took him back to his fortress. Once repaired and fully operational again Omnicron formed an alliance with Svaat and became his second in command.

Now as a member of the elitist group he lead the charge into battle against both Autobot and Decepticon forces alike killing anyone and everyone that got in his way. His one goal was to reclaim the throne of the Decepticon Empire and destroy the one that framed him. But that goal quickly started to slip further and further from his reach as Svaat became more and more unstable and his obsession with stroking his own ego took precedence over anything else. So with his battleship, Storm's End, rebuilt he took those faithful to him aboard the gigantic transformer and left the ArmourCommandoes for good. Shortly after Svaat and his crew vanished through a rift caused by the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm also lead him to find out the truth of his own identity when he ventured back to Vector Sigma seeking information on another titanic mech that threatened to return to the universe after being exiled millions of years before. Now he is determined to show that he is truly different from what and who everyone believes he is. During that visitation he also was confronted by the original Megatron hiding in the shadows warning him that a time of reckoning was fast approaching.

Now with his crew of Forsaken, Pestilence, Famine, Conquest, and Storm's End they have sided with the Autobots, forming the Autobot Alliance Strike Force, to try and stop the universe from being destroyed by the Cataclysm along with stopping the Decepticons from assimilating every planet into their Empire.


In his time of need when the odds are stacked against him he can summon forth a personal force field that is all but impervious to any and all attacks. The only way into his shield is by teleporting. He also retained his energon burst attack for when his energon pressure levels exceed safe operating parameters or when he needs to end a fight in a bang.

His Trintinium War Axe is made of the same material his armor is, an alloy he had originally created for his former war ship Storm's End. It is the hardest alloy created to date and can withstand a nuclear blast. The surprisingly light weight alloy allows him to wield it with ease and slash through standard Cybertronian metals.


After using his energon burst attack he is left vulnerable for two minutes while his systems reboot. During this time he cannot move, he can only send out a call for assistance in the first few seconds after he initiates the attack.

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