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The White Tiger
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Name鬼切り 仁
RomanizedJin Onigiri
Alias(es)The White Tiger; Project A-01
SpeciesAngel Clone
Physical appearance
Weight173 lbs.
Skin toneIvory
EyesSky Blue
Cause of death
Other family
Friend ofN/A
Enemy ofN/A
Mental state
PersonalityHopeless; Kind; Protective; Aloof
AlignmentTrue Neutral
LikesWomen; Money; People
DislikesAnnoying People; Disrespect; Ignorance; Unjustified Harm
Professional life
FactionThe Red Hand
Employed bySelf-Employed
EmployingHis Team
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Out of character
CreatedFebruary, 2014
RP title
RP genreSci-Fi/Fantasy
RP typeT1 (Paragraph)
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 The science experiment gone rogue, Jin, was created in the labs of a secret cult organization that goes by the name of Heavenly Demon's Blade. He was one of the first successful clones of any supernatural-ish creature as man came to understand them.


Jin is a lean, athletically built man who looks about eighteen or nineteen in terms of facial features with a lack of hair or even stubble. He has short, spiky white hair that hangs to about the end of his neck now and usually wears garbs that match his hair. His ivory skin is not blemished by any scars apparently, however, just above his waist line is a tattoo etched into him. It'd appear as if it is the codename given to him by the cult scientists: A-01. Glistening sky blue eyes are complimented by the iridescent crystal gem at the center of his forehead. He towers a good distance from the ground and, despite his anatomy, is fairly light in terms of weight.


  • Hopeless: Since the death of his first love at the Heavenly Demon's Blade's lab, Jin has felt as though his life is aimless and torturous and that he will never love again, though this is most likely not the case.
  • Kind: Despite him commonly saying he cares not about anyone, Jin is actually kind and generous for the most part. This can be contested however, as he has shown signs of aggression to people of certain kin for unknown reasons.
  • Protective: Jin protects those who are unable to protect themselves out of the kindness of his cloned heart. He protects smaller children and women more than men, however. A just bias, most would claim.
  • Aloof: Because of his said hopelessness and his cynicism in regards of man, Jin seems to stay away from large crowds (or small crowds). He has displayed large signs of independence and does not wish to be marginalized by common nature.


At the center of Jin's forehead is a crystal-like embedded gem called a Byakugou with a direct link to his brain. Upon being cloned, the Byakugou was included into his biology and is easily powerful enough to withstand full force blows from blunt objects such as a mace or a steel bat. Anyways, this Byakugou allows Jin to copy and memorize other's abilities by experiencing the ability first hand or forcibly learning it by putting it to another's head. Currently, Jin has one ability in his possession and that is Thermal Energy Conversion, which allows him to absorb thermal energy and redirect it in several ways. He has used it to freeze objects by absorbing their heat, creating gusts of wind by altering the temperature around him and releasing thermal energy as a powerful thermal wave to incinerate foes.

Angel Clone PhysiologyEdit

Essentially, angels in the material plane are simply humans with spirits currently possessing them. This'd leave his body to basically with simplistic above-human capabilities but he also was created with a few perks. 

  • Orichalcum Bones

In the process of being created, Jin's bones were infused with a special metal called 'orichalcum'. With years of practice and the most ferocious of training, he'd eventually become accustomed to the heavier weight which would allow him to move with the utmost finesse as well as have supernatural durability, taking otherwise lethal blows as harmless.

  • Enhanced Condition

Being a super-soldier in technical terms and suffering the trials of the trade, he has achieved an enhanced condition that surpasses that of your most athletically and mentally built human. The scientists at Heavenly Demon's Blade were aware of germ warfare and thus also gave him the ability to be immune to most, if not all, forms of known toxins, bacteria, venoms, viruses and the like. In addition to this contaminant immunity, his body is able to metabolize toxic chemicals. This enhanced condition applies to almost every aspect of his physiology from his mind to his body. This ability allows him to have many applications such as enhanced agility (which entails enhanced reflexes, thought procession and balance) which allows him to be able to dodge attacks with ease. As well as having said agility, Jin also displays enhanced dexterity which allows him to use and control his limbs, muscles and digits extremely well. With the strength of a raging rhino, the speed of a sailfish in the water, Jin easily also can apply his enhanced endurance due to the orichalcum bones and his near super-human senses as he's been proven hearing a man coming from many metres away.

Hex MarkEdit

Baby Hex (Form)Edit

The shape-shifting companion of Jin who serves him and only him. At its base, Hex Mark is a small, mammalian creature with gray fur and a bushy tail that has a red ring around the center of it. He stands only one foot and four inches tall and weighs about fifteen pounds. It has four short, feline-like legs with three small toes on each foot. Hex has blood red eyes, usually hidden behind a pair of wayfarer shades and pink paw pads. He has long pointed ears which both have red rings in the center of them. He has another ring at the center of his forehead as well as four more rings on the outside of both of his thighs and both of his shoulders. He is usually stylized by a dark colored scarf tied around its neck. In this form, he typically mounts the shoulder of Jin. Although Hex has such a passive appearance in this form, he is still very reliable. He has extremely advanced senses, being able to smell a person across the world and hear things from miles away and with his impeccable precision, he can track whoever that person speaking down. Aside from this ability, he has extremely advanced speed and reflexes. They surpass even the most elderly of celestial beings in fact.

Kirin (Form)Edit

The more intimidating form of Hex Mark, however, is his Kirin form. In this form, he is easily as long as your average blue whale (head to tail) and weighs as much as well. This form is usually utilized by Jin for him to travel great distances across lands, using his celestial companion as a mount of sorts. In this form, Hex is a massive dragon with silver scales and corresponding braided horns protruding from either side of his skull. His paws are like a hybrid of dragon and wolf feet as they are somewhat shorter than your typical dragon feet with his limited need for them. On his front paws he has four toes and on his back, he has three; his claws are unable to be retracted and scar whatever surface he lands on always. His golden eyes have slit pupils and are specially designed to see in every form with multiple lenses able to switch between thermal and normal vision, while in normal vision he's also able to see into the astral/spirit realm. The reason Hex lacks your typical dragon wings is due to the fact he innately levitates from the ground by an aura that surrounds his entire body. He is able to fly at supersonic speeds and when Jin has mounted him, his aura protects him as well. In terms of abilities, Hex is only capable of supersonic flight and dragon-fire breath. His dragon-fire holds an affinity to holy fire and is the same in many ways. These flames do not burn, they erase. On the spiritual realm is where it is even more powerful, smiting dark creatures from the realm and purifying their souls in its entirety while destroying them physically.

Nova Scythe (Form)Edit

Codebreaker 3d scythe by hybriddemon

To aid Jin in his endeavors, Hex Mark is able to take the form of a twin-blade scythe that stretches ten feet all together. The blades of the scythe sit on opposite ends and both face opposite ways. At the center of the scythe, where the unusually long 'grip' lies, there is a slit at the dead center of the grip. This allows the scythe to be split up into two separate scythes, making it a dual-wielded weapon. These two scythes are kept as one by an orichalcum chain that allows the scythe to stretch forty feet at maximum, the length being controlled by a button which is on both scythes that stops the chain from stretching. The scythe blades are made even more deadly with three smaller points protruding from the back of the main blade, allowing for a ripping result to occur.Etched onto the back of the blade are four Japanese symbols. Those symbols are the following: 頭収穫機. In English they translate to “Head Harvester”. It is simply a play on words for scythes are supposed to be used for harvesting crops while he uses his for battle purposes, otherwise known as head-hunting. Also, since the sentient Nova Scythe is actually just Hex Mark in another form, it is able to move on its own accord and exert dragon fire in every direction. Jin has a telepathical connection with Hex, allowing him to command him even when the Nova Scythe is out of his possession.


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