Orfinox is a fictional Roleplay character from [].









  • "I have done so much to destroy this world we live in....but its only because of my friends I continue to lash out at all of the evil I meet..."
  • "I regret so much....If only I never made that accursed Torch!"
  • "And so she left, I don't know if she will return...I have to forgive....forgive my friends...."



  • Burner's Bane-A specially carved sword only usable by Orfinox
  • Elven-craft Armor-A gift from the Elven Kingdoms as a sign of friendship. Incorpates the Soul Guantlets.
  • Tranformation Mask- Orfinox was known to imbue transformation magicks into masks. He read it in a book once.
  • Aviri's Flute- A small tin flute used to summon the giant Roc, Aviri.


  • The Soul Torch-A strange silver torch that abosrbs the energy of people's souls and into it into a usable energy in the form of blue fire. The weapon was used in a multitude of circumstances, growing only more powerful and burning brighter. Eventually, Orfinox lost control of the accursed device to a power hungry woman named Silvera. In the end, the Soul Torch is destroyed, but Orfinox and the other Soulist retain thier state of power.
  • Soul Queen and Soul King-Two swords forged from a mix of obsidion and silver. Combined the two swords from a duo of extreme power.
  • Deliverance- A huge shield surging with extremly dangerous energies. Made as a giftfor Eroth in return for allowing passage into his castle as a guest.
  • Soul Guantlets- A set of guantlets made to give a normal person the abilities and pwoer of a full-blown Soulist Guardian





Verria- Daughter (Deceased)

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