Orion Class Starship

The Orion class starship (also known as the Stonewall class) was a Federation starship design utilized in the Trek Online sim club by two sims, the USS Orion and the USS Stonewall.


The Orion class was a modified Galaxy class Federation starship. It was developed by Starfleet Engineering in the aftermath of the Battle of Wolf 359 to counter the Borg threat.

The Orion class performed deep space exploration missions similar to a standard Galaxy class, but posessed increased armor and shielding and boasted additional weapons - including a phaser cannon along the bottom of the saucer section. Orion class ships also had a docking ring on the bottom of the drive section and were frequently teamed with a Defiant class ship equipped with a similar docking ring.

Ships in the classEdit

Name Registry Number Launched Fate
USS Orion NCC-5019 Stardate 19611.05 Lost with all hands, assumed destroyed, Stardate 19810.13
USS Stonewall NCC-79801 Stardate 19708.11 Fell into a gas giant and destroyed, Stardate 20001.31

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