Name: Outburn

Outburn robot mode

Sub-group: Ex-Headmaster

Function: Ground based Interceptor

Alt mode: Modded Black Subaru Imprezza

‘Speed Kills. And I’m the fastest.’

Weapons: Shoulder mounted laser cannon. Battery life = 40 shots. Mounted rapid-fire pistols (1 on each forearm). 500 rounds per clip. Carries 6 spare clips in Subspace. Assault Rifle. Armour piercing bullets. 30 rounds per clip. Carries 4 spare clips in subspace. Energon Knife

Profile: Brought online in 1994, Outburn was a simple grunt in the Decepticon forces. Though he had dreams of joining the Stunticons, his lack of battlefield experiance prevented him from advancing in the ranks. Though he took part in a number of missions, he failed to make any worthwhile contribution.

He was assigned to a small group who set up a listening post on the then Autobot controled planet of Daloo Two when they lost contact with the rest of the Decepticon forces. Autobot hunting teams forced them to remain hidden in a cave for an extended period of time, until Sixshot arrived and provided them with a way off the planet. Outburn first met Stunshock at this time, having also been rescued by Sixshot. Heading to Charr, Outburn assisted in repairing the shuttles, making a snide comment as Stunshock left. He made no argument as Sixshot outlined the plan of action: to scour the universe for Decepticons still active. They went to a sand planet where there used to be a Decepticon outpost only to find it destroyed. They encountered Stunshock and Devcon, who informed them of the Toques Crystal. Despite his reservations, Outburn went along with the plan. He remained in the shuttle during the landing party to the black market on the Rogue Planet, and was the only one who spoke up against the idea of visiting Unicron's head.

When they arrived at the Cloaked Star System, Outburn remained outside fighting with the Followers of Ureti and the Followers of Krix. Despite loosing his shoulder cannon and suffering a number of injuries, he was able to survive the conflict through to the end.


He remained with the group for a number of years, constantly irritating Stunshock. During a raid on an Autobot supply depot, Outburn was struck by debris and rendered uncouncious. Awaking to find himself with no memories, he ventured towards the Autobots, only to have them shoot. Taking a small mech hostage, Outburn was able to get off the planet. He ended up on Junkion by complete accident due to a navigation malfunction. Leaving the pilot and the shuttle to return to the Autobots, Outburn began exploring this new world he found himself on. Encountering the Junkions, Outburn integrated himself into their culture, even getting his own eprsonal TV. He decided he wanted to see the creatures that could make such entertainment and set off for Earth.

Outburn spent the years driving across the globe, using his holoavatar to remain hidden. He became involved in a number of incidents, usually involving street races. While in the Swiss Alps, Outburn found his TV reception poor, so he climbed a mountain path to get a better signal. At the top, he found a heavilly damaged Transformer threatening a human, so Outburn quickly dispatched the mech. Outburn and the human, Jack Barkman, quickly became friends and he joined Outburn on his world tour. Outburn continued his trend of getting into trouble, only now he had Jack to help bail him out. One such incident involved a Street racing in San Francisco in which they were able to win lead them to coming into contact with a smuggling ring that shipped to Shanghai. Jack decided it would be worthwhile to bring this ring down, and Outburn went along with it as it sounded fun. The Shanghai police had been observing the operation for some time, and moved in on the ship when it docked. Jack and Outburn were forced to flee to avoid capture. If not for the armour of Outburn, they would have been stopped at the first roadblock. As it was, Outburn was able to smash through with ease and the two fled the country.

When Jack returned home to England for his sister's wedding, Outburn went with him. While in the country, a Decepticon bio-scientist by the name of Trackload captured them. Keeping them prisoner, he explained that he intended to improve the Headmaster process by removing the suit and implanting the needed components directly into Jack. He also believed that using a human and Transformer who had been friends for a number of years would also improve upon the process. This surgery was performed in one go, and Jack nearly lost his life. Fortunatly, Trackload had studied human anatomy and was able to save him. While he was recovering, Trackload performed the needed process on Outburn. The Headmaster upgrade allowed Jack to heal faster than anticipated. Making his way through the small base, Jack was able to cause an overload in the powergrid. While Trackload was busy trying to stabilise it, Jack used a laser scalpel to cut the restraints on Outburn. However, Outburn's head had already been removed and destroyed, his personality and memories saved into his personality component in his chest. Forcing a transform in his friend. Jack was able to drive them both out of the exploding base.

Outburn and Jack stayed with Jack's brother for the next few months as they learnt how to transform together. During this time, Outburn became a close friend of the family. After they had eventually adapted to their new situation, Outburn and Jack resumed their tour.

While driving through the Russian forests, they heard an explosion. Deciding to check it out, they found themselves outside the Armour Fortress following a large battle. They entered and helped with cleanup operations. Lord Vulcan gave Jack a knife (which was the size of a sword for the human) to slice through some strange goop while Outburn towed equipment carts around. Jack and Outburn usually helped out around the Fortress, only going into battle once.

Heading towards a Nuclear power plant, the two had a disagreement over the treatment of humans in the upcoming mission. Outburn ended up snapping at Jack who simply sat quietly. At the plant, Outburn was on the roof sniping with his rifle while Jack kept a watch out for incoming fire, moving them when needed. This proved fatal, as the Autobot Angelic Knight swooped down from the sky and slashed Outburn across his neck. This did little damage to Outburn, but ended up having slashed through Jack's chest. Bleeding badly, Jack transformed to human mode and fell to the ground. Outburn called for a medic, even going so far as to kidnap a human doctor from a nearby city. By the time Outburn returned, Jack was too far gone and he died. Outburn drove Jack's body back to the Fortress and became severly depressed. Slowbrowse (with Pounder's help) reverse engineered the Headmaster operation to allow Outburn to transform once more, forming a close friendship between the two. The first thing Outburn did was to bury Jack under a tree on a hill, overlooking the forests.

Outburn had kept the knife Jack had been using, and developed an obsession with twirling it through his fingers. He started to go a little crazy, refusing to let go of Jack, even his friendship with Nightstalker, Stunshock and Slowbrowse could not prevent the downward spiral. This was not helped when he began hallucinating attacks by AK. Slowbrowse told him these were mind games from Nightstalker, and Outburn demanded to speak to her to find out why she would be so cruel. Before they could speak, Nighstalker was destroyed by humans, something Outburn witnessed and was unable to prevent. He returned to the Fortress and informed Slowbrowse. The medic was understandably upset and turned on Outburn. This drove him over the edge, as he now viewed those he was friends with as betraying him in his hour of need.

During a mission to hypnotise humans into giving their fuel to storage depots, Outburn went on perimeter patrol. He alerted the others when the Autobots closed in and found a cracked sniper rifle. Spotting Angelic Knight engaged in combat, Outburn took the shot but was intercepted by Orion. Advancing on the Autobot who prevented his revenge, Outburn was unable to fight him as AK promplty flew down the street and deliberatly appeared as threatening as he could to Outburn, playing on the fear he sensed. Outburn froze in fear, only able to move when his radio tuned itself and started playing 'Search for a hero'. This reminded Outburn of how Jack always used to give him strength in moments like this and Outburn used his knife to slash at AK, though the Autobot easily dodged the attack and left, leaving Outburn to curse his name.

Outburn suffered badly from his fear and depression following this, even transfering his fear of AK onto Ronin. Eventually, while being repaired, he had a dream of his first meeting of Jack, but instead of Jack, it was his brother John who was rescued. In his dream, John told him he needed to move on, let go of the past and continue his life. Telling him he couldn't, John finally convinced Outburn to let Jack go and get on with his life. As Outburn walked away, he failed to notice John had suddenly turned into Jack.

When the Armours engaged a hostage situation with the Decepticons as they officially split, Outburn was trapped outside. Having been briefed on the situation by Korolkal, Outburn decided enough was enough, ripped the Decepticon logo off his shoulder and left.

Much later, Outburn was camping on a mountain top, watching his TV when he felt a tugging on his back. Originally thinking it was a goat, he tried to shoo it away until he turned and fell off his seat in surprise. The Sparkling Nightstalker had found him by following his campfire smoke (Outburn was unaware she had been rebuilt) and told him she was lost. Outburn took her back to where the Fortress was, only to discover it wasn't there anymore (The Armours had relocated it to Australia shortly after Outburn left). With no idea where the Decepticons were, Outburn looked after Nightstalker, which involved stopping some speeding mobsters and teaching her how to deal with criminals, getting her some goldfish and teaching her how to transform and fly. Eventually, Supersonic and Slowbrowse tracked them down by following police reports and eye witness accounts from the car chase involving the mobsters and Outburn handed Nightstalker back to her official guardian. Though he didn't believe he had a place with the Decepticons, he told her he was always just a comm call away if she would ever want to play with him again.

Abilities: Outburn has Nitro that can increase his top speed in alt mode to Mach 1. Contrary to normal speedy characters, he has normal strength armour, but must mass shift it away when triggering his Nitro and is unable to recover it until he visits a CR chamber.

Weakness: His impulsiveness can often get him into trouble.

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