Basic Game InformationEdit

  • Outpost 221 meets every Sunday at 10:00pm Eastern
  • It meets in the AOL/AIM room "SFOL Outpost 221"
  • The CO is FSF Scott2 and the XO is FSF Ku

About Outpost 221Edit


Sector 221-G, known to many as the former Thallonian Empire. For centuries, the Thallonians kept order in this region of space, using whatever methods suited them best. Four years ago, amidst a great deal of disorder within the Thallonian royalty, the Thallonian Empire collapsed when their homeworld, Thallon, was destroyed by a massive bird, which had been incubating in the core of their planet for thousands of years.

After the Great Bird of the Galaxy exploded out from the center of Thallon, Sector 221-G was thrown into chaos. With all but two members of the Thallonian royal family killed, planets that hadn't had true freedom or independence in a very long time were out on their own.

At the behest of Prince Si Cwan, the son of the former leader of the Thallonian Empire, the United Federation of Planets met with him to discuss how to help Sector 221-G. Si Cwan proposed a full-scale military effort to keep the peace. The Federation explained that they didn't use force to control civilizations. The Federation did, however, agree to send in one ship to lend humanitarian aide, and gather data to decide what further could be done to help the situation.


It's been four years since the USS Excalibur was assigned to Sector 221-G to patrol and provide humanitarian aid. The original USS Excalibur was destroyed, and a new one was commissioned, along with another ship, the USS Trident. Shortly thereafter, the Federation decided that a greater presence was needed in Sector 221-G, to try and help to regain and eventually maintain stability.

On stardate 200402.22, Outpost 221, based near the middle of Sector 221-G, was officially christened. It was setup to serve as the Federation's hub for the whole sector, and home base to the USS Excalibur, the USS Trident, and the USS Resolute, which is Outpost 221's defensive and patrol vessel.

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