The Outpost Cousteau sim became a part of the United Space Federation in 1998. In 2000, the USF version of the sim was renamed Outpost Phoenix, after a small group of individuals left the USF in order to form the SLA. The original concept of Outpost Cousteau moved with them.


Outpost Cousteau was designed in 1998 by Sierra M'Hawarr, with input from Commander Dante Surak and Captain Christian Klindt.


Currently originally assigned to the Outpost :

-U.S.S. Desiderata, NCC-608910, Redemption Class (designed by Captain Christian Klindt and Cmdr. Sierra M'Hawarr) -U.S.S. Ob, NCC-99889, Danube Class Runabout -U.S.S. Yenesei, NCC-99812, Danube Class Ruanbout -U.S.S. Isle Royale, NCC-100123, Yellow Stone Class Runabout -U.S.S. Biscayne, NCC-100125, Yellow Stone Class Ruanbout -U.S.S. Jodie Foster, NXX-654321, Jodie Foster Class UWRV

Main StructureEdit

The original structure has been recently enlarged and modified. It covers approximately 10 acres and rises 50m above the surrounding land, and consists of 12 levels aboveground, and 7 underground levels. There is an open-air arboretum in the center of the structure. The main building takes 30% of its power from solar energy through panels embedded in its external structure; the other 70% is provided by the hydropower plant. A new trade area has been added on the ground level, but currently only one vendor has set up shop.

Marine LabsEdit

Connected to the main building via corridors under the surface, an aquadome marine lab has been constructed at the bottom of the bay to conduct research on the indigineous water life, including the protein-rich local varieties of kelp. Although the main dome and substructure have been completed, parts of the labs are still under construction. The aquadome is maintained by its own engineering area, and the labs can be sealed off from the rest of the complex in the event of a breach.

Hydropower PlanetEdit

Located at the entrance to the bay's straits, the hydropower plant takes advantage of the dramatic changes in tidal activity to power most of the outpost's structures.

Seawater Processing PlantEdit

Despite an average area rainfall of approximately 2m of rain annually, there are few natural sources of fresh water. A seawater processing plant has been constructed to process the necessary amounts of water used for life support and terrafarming. Storage tanks are located in the levels below the main structure, and are pumped outlying areas as needed.


The outlying terraforming areas have four accompanying structures: food storage, greenhouses, maintenance, and water pumping facilities. The food storage buildings are the largest. The greenhouses are used to produce both seedlings and for continued experimental studies.

Shielded Landing AreaEdit

A natural depression/canyon has been modified for use as a docking area. It can accommodate smaller spacecraft with planet-landing capabilites, such as a single Intrepid- or Redemption- class craft; or several smaller-size runabouts and shuttles. The area has been fitted with shielding technology.

Medical FacilitiesEdit

Located on the second level of the main outpost, the Health Center is equipped with Starfleet's most up-to-date medical equipment including an EMH program. The HC is provided with 50 long-term care beds, and 20 ICU's.

Outpost DefensesEdit

Currently consists of standard shielding, such as used on starships, for main buildings. Some planet-based defenses still under construction; main defenses from spacedock in orbit above.

Tactical observatory located on the south side of the bay monitors regional activity, both on-world and off.


While the main outpost covers approximately 10 acres, its central core (2-1/2 acres) has been convereted to an arboretum. The arboretum is open to the sky above.

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