Outpost Phoenix is a role-playing, chat-based sim that meets every Sunday at 2200EST/1900 PST.

Outpost Phoenix was founded in 2000 as a United Space Federation sim under the command of Quint Kivo following the withdrawal of Outpost Cousteau from the USF. It's current website can be found here.

Command StaffEdit

Current Commanding Officer: Captain Kaveh Arzie

Current Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Noah Masterson

Former Commanding Officers: Fleet Captain Quint Kivo, Captain Hobbes, Captain Nakaruru Dire, Captain Bonali

Former Executive Officers: Commander Hobbes, Commander Nakaruru Dire

Fictional HistoryEdit

Myce IVEdit

Outpost Phoenix was established on Myce IV on Stardate 200xx.xx under the command of Fleet Captain Quint Kivo.

Bersallis IIIEdit

Tahnna'Whanna IVEdit

The Tahnna'Whanna System was first explored on Stardate 20612.04 by USS Hine-Tu-Whenua on a scientific mission to observe the Galactic Barrier.

On 21204.23, USS L'Sek was directed to perform a survey of the Tahnna'Whanna System with focus on the Class-M fourth planet. USS L'Sek completed it's mission on Stardate 21210.25 and returned to Federation space.

Over the next three years, Starfleet Command debated extending its communication and deep space exploration network. On Stardate 21509.21, construction of a Starfleet Outpost on Tahnna'Whanna IV was approved. On Stardate 21603.01. construction was begun on the outpost.

Captain Kaveh Arzie took command of Outpost Phoenix on Stardate 21609.29, just prior to it's commissioning.

Fan Feed Edit

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