Peel Out "Speed kills and this beauty is fleeting."

Name: Peel Out Primary function: Guardicon Courier

Alt mode: Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (Gendarme custom)

Weapons: 1x 50 lbs deployable caltrops- to pop tires of pursuing vehicles, etc

1x Evaporation Ray- causes all coolant in an opponent to coagulate, causing them to lock up and stop-- will make Humans severely dehydrated

4x mica/mylar refraction grenades- to scramble sensors of air based foes, they create sensor ghosts

Profile: The Guardicons have served in the Decepticon cause wherever they are needed --and usually in the background-- for Vorns. Peel Out is both courier and herald for the Guardicons. If it’s information that needs protecting, she’s the botrix to assign. If said information is too important to risk transmission over line or wave, it is given to her in hardcopy and she will carry it to the appropriate destination. She is also herald for any warlord that may be visiting ranking members of the Decepticon High Command-- and she genuinely enjoys being arm candy for powerful robots at official functions, though she has her particular favorites among them. It is thought that Sharpspike has her whisper in the right audios so that he can learn secrets. Most people consider her far too untrustworthy to tell the truth to anyone, so they don’t give this much credence. Little do they know how deep Guardicon loyalty runs.

Peel Out’s every word is a purr, she sounds like something off a Cybertronian cyberromp line, until she’s angered. Then she shrieks like a harpy. She is vain, shallow and almost totally self-absorbed. She craves attention from the males around her, particularly if they’re in positions of authority. If a male compliments her once, and she takes a shine to him, he’ll have to continue doing so with some regularity or face her wrath. Her insults are quite creative and, being a true diva, she throws a fit like a real pro. She is constantly scheming for a way to have more authority and envies her Commander’s ability to gain respect from others with just a word or two. She also despises the other Guardicons, though she also considers them to be more her friends than any other creature. She will not attack them save for U-turn. If she is angered, she will attempt to follow any orders given to her to her own unique specifications-- to the letter, but interpreted in the way that gives her the most opportunity to have vengeance. It pays to be specific when giving her commands. Loathing anything that isn’t mechanical, Peel Out is repulsed by Earth and thinks Humans are bugs, which she has no qualms about squishing (though she’d probably run off immediately to get herself detailed). She does not believe they have real feelings-- how could they? They’re made of squishy nasty meat and other things that rot easily. *shudder* She has no gripe with the Autobots, other than thinking their males are somewhat, erm, lacking in various areas.

Abilities: Two-Dimensional Speed-- Peel Out’s speed is the result of a truly unusual ability. Unlike Blurr, who shunts himself into hyperspace (we know this from the light-blur around him that indicates that he’s moving faster than light)-- Peel Out’s mass decreases until she is nigh on two dimensional-- allowing her to be weightless and move at incredible speed (she appears almost as a flat image, moving over surfaces, when she moves). When moving at such extreme speed, she cannot be hit by anything slower than she herself is-- though she will have to dodge things placed in front of her, etc, or risk crashing. Crashing immediately shunts her back into three dimensions and forces her to wait until her 2d drive recharges to try another run. She has some small skill in hand-to-hand combat and a basic targeting computer. She has an advanced navigation system- necessary because of her extremely high-speed travel. Like all Decepticons, Peel Out is capable of flight-- though she cannot engage her 2d drive if doing so.


The caltrops (pyramidal spikes) are ejected behind her to pop tires, or sprayed to smash windshields. The mylar grenades explode 45 astroseconds after deployment and make sensory ghosts so that planes and others with flying altmodes can’t get a direct fix on her while she’s moving. Both are designed to discourage pursuit of Peel Out.

The Evaporation Ray is a last line of defense-- designed to render her opponent unable to attack her so she can escape.

Weaknesses: Guardicons can, for no reason, take up arms against the Decepticon they’ve sworn their allegiance to-- even if they wish to. They have sworn their lives to Sharpspike (carried over from the old WarZone)-- and so are incapable of doing him any harm whatsoever. Guardicons also cannot abandon their posts unless so ordered. Peel Out is willowy and fast, but not particularly strong or bright. She can be crashed if something she cannot sense is put in front of her while she’s running, or she’s distracted and crashes. She has a weakness for handsome or powerful robots and will stop and talk, so long as it doesn’t interfere with her mission.

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