Name: Pestilence

Faction: ArmourCommando

Function: Servant to Forsaken

Alt Mode: Chopper

Weapons: Trintinium Claws, Twin Trintinium Buzz Saws, Rust Spore Touch

Special Ability: Able to create super viruses on the spot to disable his opponent or take control of their body.


Pestilence was once one of the original 13 Transformers. His real name has been lost to the ages but was given a new one along with a new purpose by Forsaken. His power has been stunted by Forsaken so that he can keep him in line and under his control. Pestilence is psychotic to the extreme and holds no value for the life of any other, except for those willed upon him by Forsaken. He throws himself into melee combat slicing away with his twin saw blades that are built into his arms. The blades are made from Trintinium, the special alloy created by Megatron X/Omnicron, and cannot be dulled or broken. While in close quarters combat he can also use his devastating rust spore touch to disable any that are foolish enough to allow him to take hold of a body part. Personal safety is not of particular interest to this mech either because, like Forsaken, he is covered in nanites that repair the damage quickly. Though he is able to regenerate damaged parts of his body he can be killed since his spark was returned to a living body.

Special Ability:

His special ability may seem weak but once he infects a mech or robotrix with his super virus their lives are in his hands. Because he creates the virus on the spot to battle his opponent any viral protection software won't be able to stop it due to the fact that there aren't any patches in place to combat the newly created infection. The best way to describe the way the virus works is to compare it to a neural toxin, it attacks the nervous system and shuts it down in a painful and ultimately deadly way, unless Pestilence terminates the infection by a subspace link that he controls mentally.


Pestilence isn't a very heavily armored mech, besides his spiked forearms, and can take damage easily. His gun-ho attitude sets him up to be overrun in combat since he likes to throw himself amongst the largest groups he can find.

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