Name: Pounder

Pounder body

Function: Scientist/mechanic.

Alt mode: Aerial assault craft (see below) Transformation similar to BM Obsidian (but with legs). Robot mode is the same as a Cylon centurion from the new series of Battlestar Galactica, but with the large cylinder thrusters from the alt mode mounted on the back of each shoulder.

Weapons: 2 rifles. 500 high yield energy rounds per clip each. Carries 4 spare clips in subspace. Rifles can fire in alt mode at targets on the same horizontal plane or below as him. Robot mode can deploy rifles from mid section or as hand held. 2 missile racks, 4 missiles per rack. Deploy from under front wings in alt mode, from shoulders in alt mode. Both hands can transform into high velocity rail-guns with armour piercing bullets that explode once they have penetrated armour.

Equipment: Carries a full tool belt in subspace. Pounder has developed a small lightweight Glider that he carries mounted on his back. The glider is too small for mechs to ride, though human sized creatures could. The glider is controlled by remote using a control on Pounder's left forearm and is powered by a Black Hole grenade, giving it an unlimited fuel capacity. It can transmit visual and sensor data to a holographic display in the controller. Though he attempted to install weapons on it, the targetting systems proved unreliable due to the gravametric distortions from the power core, so he scrapped it. The glider is primarily a scout drone, not designed for combat.

Profile: Created as one of the Quintesson leader's elite guards, Pounder originally transformed into an eagle and was the Scientist/Mechanic of the team. He always approached everything with a logical mind, sometimes overlooking important facts if they did not sit well in his hypothesis. Pounder was the one responsible for directly aquiring the frequency of the Dark Guardians operating systems, allowing the Coda Remote to shut them down, making the rebellion of the early Autobots a success. Pounder went on to pave the way for a number of scientific endeavours, including Transwarp drive and the Space Bridge. Though Pounder did not successfully create these, part of his work formed the platform for other scientists to achieve results. When Transwarp was successfully created, Pounder installed some of the first engines to The Armmageaddon', the Executioners ship. Pounder was also the one responsible for creating the neural interface used to control the ship, allowing only one of The Executioners to fly it.

Pounder's name became well known in the scientific circles, and it was attending a science conference during one of the peaceful times that he came into contact with the scientist Starburst. He had some radically challanging concepts that intrigued Pounder, and often worked with him to refine these ideas. Starburst was often seen in Pounder's lab, and Stunshock began to see him as part of the team. However, Pounder eventually determined that what Starburst was attempting was too dangerous to proceed with the current safety procedures, and shut down the project. Swearing that he would prove himself successful, Starburst left to set up his own lab, though they did remain in contact. The Praxia disaster happened 2 years later. Pounder was not present during the clean up situation, though he was concerned about Starburst, having recognised instantly the cause of the disaster.

He was assisting the repairs to the Montauk Defence Grid when the 'South Gate of Enlightenment' fell. From his vantage point in the upper section of the Gate, he witnessed Cyberax's fury as the leader tore into the attackers. Realising the city was lost, Pounder quickly left before it was destroyed.

During the 4 million years in which the Ark lay dormant, Pounder was requested by Shockwave to resume his work on the Space Bridge. It seemed the most logical way to search other planets for Megatron and Energon. Pounder revisited his equations, but was still unable to make it work until Thunderwing and even Shockwave himself all assisted. Eventually, they created a working Space Bridge and tested it by sending a crate to an asteroid. Though the test was a partial success in that the crate appeared close to the asteroid, they realised that the Space Bridge required a terminal at both ends in order to produce any kind of accuracy in the targeting. The project was shelved as a possible way to locate Megatron.

In 2004, Pounder was part of the team sent to retrieve the Decepticon Matrix from an asteroid. Despite having misgivings about the actuality of the object, Pounder remained quiet as it gave him a chance to explore a piece of mystical history, something he had been fascinated with, but unable to perform much research on due to the ongoing war. When he inadvertantly activated the Guardian Lizard, Pounder was the first to die. As he flew past the creature, it grabbed him in mid air and ripepd him apart. Pounder's power core overloaded and his body was vapourised.

Thanks to the efforts of Stunshock and Foresaken, Pounder was ressurrected many years later. Taking on an alt mode
Pounder alt mode
that gave him a better chance at surviving, he now transforms into an aerial hover vehicle. With what little interest he had in the war now gone, Pounder also lost what emotion he had. Having been where 'All Are One', he does not intend to send another mech there unless given no choice. However, he has no such compunction for lesser beings, easily willing to execute them if it serves science. He now always talks in a synthisised calm voice, rarely betraying emotion. The lack of a face completes the air of cold logic he embraces.

Pounder decided to enhance his space bridge work, making it possible to transport with accuracy to another location. He spent a great deal of time planning things, even researching what information humans had gathered. This lead to his discovery of the 'Philidelphia Project' and the location of the classified files. Arranging a small strike team of Warhawk, Blazecleaver and Grinder to provide distraction for the human military and any possible Autobots, Pounder was able to enter the Cheyenne Mountain Complex and download the information from the computers. Discovering equipment from the experiment was stored in the basement, Pounder made his way there. Encountering an electrical field, he pushed past it and entered the warehouse. Unwittingly opening a Stasis Chamber, Pounder reawakened Cyberax, whom Pounder recognised as being able to kill them all, though Cyberax was more interested in fleeing. Gathering the equipment, Pounder made his way back to the base.

As Pounder had first thought of this idea back when he was in Montauk, he named it Project Montauk and set to work. Most of his time was devoted to working out the problems, and he remained in his lab for weeks at a time.

An Autobot assault on the Fortress damaged his lab. Needing replacement materials to rebuild the emitters, Pounder joined a raiding party on a foundary. While there, he encountered a strange creature (Zakka'Tkk) and though Pounder remained focused on the production of the alloys needed, he would remember this encounter and the ramifications of it would carry on.

Back at the Fortress, Pounder successfully tested his teleportation, appearing for a few moments in Red Square, exactly where he wanted to be. Unfortunately, the power needed was tremendous and after a few moments, Pounder was forcibly returned to his lab. When the Moon Base became active, Pounder discovered a device already existed there that already did what he was attempting. As such, he closed all files on the project.

He created a small Glider that can attach to a harness on his back. After extensive testing, he was able to power it with a black hole grenade given to him by Stunshock and controlled via a remote control perminantly clamped to his left forearm. Though the glider is too small for him to fly on, and it lacks weapons due to gravimetric distortions from the power source, the glider has a range of 500 miles before transmition range is reached, though the glider itself can remain airborne forever. It can transmit visual, audio and a wide variety of other data to the remote control thanks to the number of sensors installed. This data can be viewed as a hologram projected just above the controller.

When Stunshock was captured by the Autobots, Pounder was the one who took charge of the Decepticons in Sharpspike's absence. Despite disgruntlement within the ranks, he viewed it with the same logical approach he always had. He used their mental link to keep Stunshock informed and to arrange a pickup when Stunshock made his escape.

Free from the burden of leadership, Pounder carried on with the intersting idea Stunshock had. Naming the project 'Endgame', Pounder began researching everything he could about the creature he met at the foundary. Creating a trap, he trapped Zakk in a shuttle and attempted to question the creature as to it's nature. Zakk proved non responsive, so Pounder had Blazecleaver emerge from hiding and attempt to beat the answers out of the creature. Thanks in part to the distraction of the sparkling Nightstalker, Zakk escaped before giving too much away. However, Pounder had been running extremly detailed scans of the creature, and with assistance from Captain Mir's astronomy knowledge, Pounder was able to determine the location of the creature's homeworld. Using the Decepticons as a distraction, Pounder
File:250px-HK-Aerial T3 Groundsupport.jpg
infiltrated a hospital and downloaded all medical data he could from their central computer. Taking an engineer patient hostage, Pounder was prevented from leaving by Zakk, who had tracked the scientist. With his escort, Quickfang. defeated, Pounder attempted to negotiate with Zakk for safe passage. Only the timely arrival of Slowbrowse prevented an attack.

Pounder escaped with his hostage and began a live autopsy on the creature, focusing on the fusion of organic and technological many of the species had. During the hospital visit, Pounder had sensed someone entering his mind. This was in fact a side effect of Angelic Knight entering the mind of Stunshock and the mental link between The Executioners. Realising that 'Endgame' may be compromised, Pounder officially closed all files on it and opened a new project. Indulging his love for mystical history, he named it Project Pharos after the Pharos of Alexandria and learning about it, finding it a good fit for what he was planning.

Pounder examined his captive, who woke up with memory loss as a side effect of the gas used to knock him out. Pounder and Grinder weaved a web of lies to him, who took the name Vorn, and convinced him they had rescued him from a terrible Autobot attack. Pounder observed Vorn design and create a new arm (to replace the one Pounder had cut off to examine when Vorn was unconcious) and convinced him to design the same rib structure on Al'Tyr ships onto The Armegeddon. Pounder escorted Vorn to the fabrication facilities to begin work on the rib structures while he departed to retrieve the ship from the Cloaked Star System, ignoring the coup that was occuring at the time.

Abilities: He views Transformer bodies as no different to ships. As such, he is able to repair all mechanical damage to them. His scientific intellect, while not to the level of the great scientists such as Shockwave or Thunderwing, is well known. He can use the two large thrusters from his alt mode (mounted on his shoulder blades in robot mode) as jump jets, giving him increased flight range in robot mode. Can carry up to 8 humans or human size Transformers (or equivalent cargo) in his alt mode.

Weakness: Although he can repair any mechanical damage to a Transformer body, any other type of damage (e.g. Biological, Spark, Mental) is beyond his understanding. The destruction of his rear thruster in alt mode will severely affect his stability. The destruction of either front engine will ground him permanently, even if there is no other damage to him. He can become fixated on a problem, and is fascinated by mystical ‘mumbo jumbo’ as he calls it.

Special Ability: The Executioners used a neural interface to control their ship. A side effect of this and the resurrection has resulted in a psychic connection between the team members. They can share thoughts and imagery. But if one is taken by surprise, this pain can be unwillingly passed to the others, albeit temporarily.

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