Angelic Knight - Autobot Supreme Commander "Logic is the key to efficiency."

RECENTLY DECLASSIFIED INTEL Name: Angelic Knight Faction: Autobot Primary function: Commander Alt Mode 1: Quintessonian Stealth Jet Alt Mode 2: Lamborghini Diablo

Weapons: 2x Katanas (unknown metal of Quintesson origin) 2x Laser Pistols (unkown model) 1x Sniper Rifle (unkown model)

Description: Average height, slender build. Golden armor with gigantic white, angel-like wings. Helmet is gold, covering black face underneath. Crisp red optics glow with much greater intensity when using telepathic abilities.

Profile: Having rejoined the Autobots following his death at the hands of General Svaat and subsequent resurrection made possible by the time traveler Chronoflux and a future incarnation of Captain Mir, Angelic Knight has been promoted by Shadow as Second-in-Command of the Earth Autobot team aboard the Elpis. Chronoflux believes this to be the first step in his evolutionary journey to become the legendary Angelus Prime of his future Cybertron, one of many possible futures.

Angelic was created by the late Quintesson Emperor Zephulus along with his twin model, Demonic Knight. The Quintessons endowed upon the two Knights a mission of genocide -- wipe the universe of all Transformers, Autobot and Decepticon alike. To achieve this, the Knights were designed as the "next evolution" of Transformer, capable of telepathy and other similar mental abilities granted via a specially refined, mysterious version of energon known as Ingvild, or "red energon" in laymen's terms. (As of present, only the Quintessons and Captain Mir know that Ingvild even exists.)

Originally, Angelic was created without a spark, so that he would blindly obey his Quintesson creator without question and could conduct his heinous acts without remorse. Nonetheless, Angelic still eventually rebelled, realizing the genocide of an entire race was not "logical", and thus unjust. An unspecified time later, Angelic secretly joined the Autobots as part of his personal quest for penance. During this time, he was placed at odds against Demonic, and destroyed the other inside the chamber of Vector Sigma. Vector Sigma then granted Angelic a spark of his own.

Today's Angelic Knight has achieved redemption after sacrificing his life to stop the Armourcons from unleashing their nuclear arsenal upon Cybertron. Now his objective has changed to one of enlightenment, self-discovery, and the pursuit of universal peace. Unfamiliar with his new spark and consequent emotions, Angelic struggles to learn to think outside the confines of pure logic.

In combat, Angelic is unique, rarely ever actually seen on a battlefield. He operates covertly, striking from shadows and moving swiftly in silence, and at times manipulating the minds of his targets. He is at peak efficiency in one-on-one combat while also perfectly able to handle massive groups of enemies at a time. Some misunderstand this as great power on his part; however, the truth is he relies on speed and stealth rather than brute physical force, often invoking panic and confusion among enemy squads. Because of this tactic, he has become a myth and urban legend of sorts among both Autobots and Decepticons alike.

However, his new commanding position appears to be forcing him more out into the open as of present.

Enemies and allies alike fear him, usually because they simply do not understand him. Due to his unfamiliarity with emotion and natural tendency to obsess with logic and efficiency, he is often perceived as cold, ruthless, and antisocial. Ironically, this could not be farther from the truth.

Abilities: Angelic is designed for stealth and operates best under cover of darkness. In combat, he is best suited for long range combat with his sniper rifle, or close quarters combat with his twin katanas and hand-to-hand skills. Angelic also possesses telepathy, usually used to enter the minds of enemies to either gather intelligence or invoke confusion. Angelic can only actually take over the mind of an enemy with relatively low intelligence. Angelic has also been known to lift objects -- in one case even himself -- with his mind.

Weaknesses: Angelic has minimal midrange combat capability, requiring him to be either far away or very close up to an enemy. He is also severely impaired in wide open areas with plentiful lighting. His most severe weakness is the effect of a rare Quintesson-refined form of energon known only as "black energon", which when in proximity will, for lack of a better term, drain his mind due to a twisted form of reversed telepathy, leaving him brain dead and comatose. (Like Ingvild, only Quintessons have knowledge of Black Energon.)

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