Onslaught Edit

Primary function:Medic Warrior

Alt Mode C-130J Super Hercules (air)

M978 Fueler(land)


Fusion Cannon ,
Plasma Energy Enfused Laser-guided sword,


Onslaught a autobot but with a limited past not alot is known about Onslaught . All that we do know is that he met up with the Autobots (g1) and never left there side since it was unaware if he was before then or not . But he quickly was taken under the wing of one Optimus Prime and followed his ways and he became friends to many autobots the ones closest to him Optimus , Hot Rod (Rodimus) Grimlock , Ironhide ,Blaster , Wreck Gar and BumbleBee he learned something from each and every one of them a great sense of friendship and loyalty to list a few .

He had been with the Autobots aboard the Elpis till the ship got destroyed and was in a mission with friends Prowl , Wolverine and Sari until he was bit by a sharkticon and saving Wolverine was picked up in his place. Needing a new body from the attack he to help himself and his fellow autobots walked into a lake of Angolmis and was reborn into his new unpredictable triple changing mode . Onslaught is REBORN!!!

Abilities: The fact that he is a medic he can heal himself while in battle or outside of it and very fast at that in any mode . Along with his many modes of transport . Special Ability: Quick Healing

MODES Robot Mode: o 1× Fusion canon o 1× Plasma Enfused Laser Guided sword

o 1 x Acid Pellet Gun

Fueler Mode: o GPS navigation o Rocket Launcher o 2 x 25 mm (0.984 in) 5-Barrel GAU-12/U Equalizer Gatling gun

C130 Mode: o 2 x 25 mm (0.984 in) 5-Barrel GAU-12/U Equalizer Gatling gun o 1x 105 mm (4.13 in) M102 howitzer o 1 x reloadable Acid Rain Launcher

Weaknesses:To eager to fight to please namely HIMSELF! And a attitude to match .

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