Function: Military Strategist/Analyst & 4IC


Prowl's alt. mode

Alt. Mode: Nissan 350Z police vehicle


1x Acid Blaster (semi-automatic rifle). Each clip carries 20 rounds, and can carry up to five clips

2 x shoulder-mounted cannon which wire-guided incendiary missiles—usually hidden when not in use or needed. Can carry a total of 16 missiles at a time.

Bio: Prowl is an Autobot of many virtues - he is quiet, competent, loyal, and possessed of almost endless patience. When Angelic Knight appoints Prowl a task, he can be guaranteed that it will be completed to the best of Prowl's ability. Prowl is not given to speculation or estimation - the only realm in which he will work is that of the proven fact; if he can't explain it, he will not believe it. He hates doubt, and strives to make a situation as simple and logical as possible, purging excesses of concern from his mind by going to Angelic Knight for assurance. Prowl is friendly, but only as a listener; as a talker, he is not so sociable, entering a conversation usually only when someone makes an unreasonable remark, and demanding an explanation.

Prowl was en route to Autobot City from Cybertron along with Ratchet, Ironhide, and Brawn to collect a shipment of Energon Cubes that would power the Autobots' subsequent strike at the Decepticons. Getting wind of the plan, Megatron and his forces attacked their shuttle. Prowl nearly shot Starscream's head off but a single direct hit from Scavenger's weapon penetrated Prowl's armor, melting his internal workings and ending his life. His recovered body was laid to rest in the Autobots' deep-space mausoleum, somehow his spark was stolen by Megatron before his remains were later plunged into a red sun as a side-effect of a Quintesson plot.

Megatron tried to take Prowl's spark and make him into a Decepticon. An Energon Storm struck the machine and caused his spark to duplicate itself. Prowl's spark was believed to be dead so it was thrown out. However, a wise Autobot found it and determined who it belonged so he got reconstructed back into his original alt mode (Datsun 280ZX/Japanese police car). He remained to be the Autobot that he always was and was able to keep his personality and functions.

He was placed at Moonbase along with Springer and Ultra Magnus, where he met up with AngelicKnight, who was on his way to rescue Orion from the ArmourCommandos on Earth. While AngelicKnight was at Moonbase, he offered Prowl to join his team as a military strategist/tactician, in which Prowl gladly accepted.

Strengths: Prowl's logic center is unquestionably the most powerful of all the Autobots', giving him the ability to analyze any combat situation almost instantaneously and then advise on the optimal course of action - a skill that makes him eminently suited to his role as the Autobots' military strategist and analyst. For example, he can compute the paths of movement of 800 separate moving objects and determine the proper counter-move in half a second. In robot mode, he is armed with a pair of shoulder-mounted cannons which fire wire-guided incendiary missiles, and a semi-automatic rifle that shoots pellets filled with a highly corrosive acid.

Weakness: He does not react well to the unexpected, to the point that it can literally scramble his cerebral circuits.

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