Name: Prowl NightWolf (AKA Necromancer)

Alt mode 1: Sleek Stealth fighter

Alt Mode 2: Futuristic Motorcycle

Allegiance: Hunters

Function: Cyber Ninja

Standard alt mode weapons/Accessories:

1) stealth radar deflection (Jet mode only) 2)non transmitted heat/energy signature(Jet mode only)

Weapons: 1) 2x Kitanas master crafted, 2)x20 energon bladed shrunken 3) Palm Blast(Chargeable) one in each hand.

Standard Ninja gear: 1) Smoke bombs 2) voice changer(located within face-mask) 3) Spy scope(x-ray, inferred, Night) 4) micro-listening devices, Intercom/communication hacking 5)Retractable zip-line within each wrist.

Quote: "I am but an illusion." Bio: Prowl NightWolf is a byproduct of Megatrons creation when he tried to take Prowl's spark and make him a Decepticon. An Energon Storm struck the machine and caused Prowl's spark to duplicate itself into the new Prowl NightWolf. As a Clone he was outcast as an abomination by his fellow Autobots. Prowl NightWolf as he called himself had way too much Decepticon in him they say. He however doesn't feel he fits in with the Cons so he branched off and became what he calls a Hunter. They do accept him into their ranks as he is a skilled warrior and tactician just like his brother of the same name. He is silent in his attack when it merits it, but he can also create quite a bit of a stir as well.

He chose two Alt modes that he thought best fit him. Both are the best in their respective fields be them land or air. In motorcycle mode he can carry a single rider. Prowl Nightwolf has been known to sneak undetected into enemy camps and sneak out without much effort. He can disguise himself at will and take on appearances of other objects and Transformers. Mimicking their voice as well as appearance. If he is ever captured he has several different tactics to escape once the time merits it.

Psychic Special Ability: 1) Prowl NightWolf can project his thoughts into nearby transformer's minds, however he can't read theirs.(passive) 2) He is able to lift objects of multiple sizes with his mind and throw them or move them for Defence or Offence. can only be used 3x per episode. 3) He has slight ability to sense danger, this ability has improved with the help of his Ninja training. 4) he is able to manipulate the visual sensors of those nearby into believing he is who/what ever he wants for a period of time through his mental abilities. This only works on those he focuses his attention on, and anyone who arrives after the effect will see the truth of the situation, unless PNW includes them in the illusion. This counts as a special ability use.

Strengths: Prowl NightWolf has trained in the Arts of Ninjutsu. He is also able to move freely over any terrain. He is fast on his feet as well as graceful in the air. Prowl Nightwolf is so skilled in his ninja arts he can break out of locks and prisons with relative ease, provided they are not too complex.

Weaknesses: Prowl Nightwolf is a psychic, As such he is effected by several kinetic wavelengths, both positive and negative. Prowl NightWolf Is borderline insane, plain and simple. He has his own beliefs and morals and sticks to them. He will work along side a Decepticon as needed, but prefers soloing to joint efforts. He speaks in reverse at times and others get lost in translation...

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