Prue Halliwell originally joined our community under the name Prue-Halliwell, and later Prue Halliwell after she took on the role as one of the Charmed Ones back during the days of Charmed Forever Forums, at some point in 2006. She was nominated and accepted into the Council of Elders in 2008. Even before that she had been one of the leading graphics contributors for the community and managed the 415 Magazine, and later The Forks Gazette following the switch to Charmed: Before the Dawn. Prue Halliwell became known as Esme Cullen following the changeover to Charmed: Before the Dawn.

Late in 2011, After the the community underwhat changes and became Charmed: The Prophecies, she took the name Prue Halliwell once again.

Prue's duties within the Council of Elders are: Forum Management, Management of The Forks Gazette (Graphics), The Twilight Section, and holds a Staff position with the Role Playing department. She still serves as a respected member of the Council of Elders to this day.