Name: Quick fix

Alt. Mode: Adv. APC

Allegiance: Cobracon

Function: Tactician

Weapons: 2x Tar-21, 2x Colt Magnum Mega, double-bladed sword

Strengths: Subject is very intelligent able to calculate and process information quickly in combat to come up with moves and counter-moves.

Weaknesses: Subject has a tendency to sometimes get caught up in thought and forget about the current situation.

Bio: Master Galvatron while creating his team wanted them to be the best in what he was designing them for, for Quick fix he copied the vast intelligence and analyzing capabilities of both Soundwave and Shockwave's sparks. He extremely gifted in being able to compute tactical theorems and scenarios, as well as other things. He can often be found gathering information, formulating strategies and plans, or helping maintain their base of operations. Although very bright he is sometimes lost in thought while coming up with solutions to everything that might go wrong in his tactical formula.

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